Tharn Wolf Rider Champion & Knights Exemplar Officer

I fear I must submit myself to the local Scrutator for a wracking… it’s been two weeks since I was last able to dedicate some time to painting, a sin made all the worse by Tuesday’s blog post where I mentioned putting in a little painting time every day…but the Lost Hemisphere Prize Pool continues to grow, more stuff for the prize table at CaptainCon, as Privateer Press gives us some awesome new officers with which to beat up our opponents. Today we’re taking a quick look at a devout Menite, and a savage Tharn. In the war for the fate of Urcaen, which side to stand on?

The Knights Exemplar Officer is a unit attachment for your… yep, you guess it, Knight’s Exemplar. Six guys in full plate rocking around in full plate with relic blades? Already pretty badass, but it’s time for a woman’s touch.

Three components. That’s it. No separate shoulderpads, praise Menoth! 😉

Flowy capes are normally a tradition of the Order of the Wall, but I’m not going to argue with an officer who lets her unit (a) make two attacks via Cleave, (b) lets them follow up on targets to make that second attack with Overtake.

Literally the only thing that gave me a brief second’s pause about this model was trying to work out the alignment of the right arm. Is that bit the elbow or the helmet crest? Wait! There’s the face grill!

Flipping over to the dark side we have the also-easy-to-assemble Tharn Wolf Rider Champion, though I’ll admit she has smaller contact points. Six components, one of them a dirty great hunk of wolf resin.

As a solo she’s made to run around causing all sorts of havoc by herself, but she does help out the other Wolf Riders by giving them all +1 to their attack rolls. Am I the only one having Elfquest flashbacks whenever I say “Wolf Riders”?

The wolf is one complete piece, except for the tail. I keep mis-typing wold instead of wolf. Damn, Tharn Wold Riders would be neat. Much slower than their canine counterparts, mind you.

A little flash to cleanup, but I do want to note that the torso sits very nicely in the saddle, with no weird gaps between the thighs and the seat. Well sculpted!

Both of these awesome ladies are available from your FLGS or preferred online retailer, and would make excellent gifts. You do know my birthday’s a couple of weeks away, right? Right. 😉