Megaton stompy smashbots with dirty great boomtubes lobbing explosives all over the place generally don’t need an introduction, but nevertheless, today we get to have a look at the Conquest/Victor multi-colossal kit. The original Conquest has been with us for awhile now, and hasn’t always received as much love as it deserves, but it’s fair to say that the Khadorans I’ve spoken with are very excited about Victor stomping around and messing things up for those pesky Cygnarans.

Let’s take a peek under the hood.

The new hard styrene plastic Colossals (and other kits) come with step-by-step instructions. Imagine your embarrassment if you’d been instructed by the Empress to build a Victor, and you accidentally made a Stormwall. That would not do! Follow the instructions, Komrade, for the sake of us all.

Both builds – the Conquest and the Victor – have many common components, such as all these gribbly pieces that will go into the arms and legs and lower torso.

The upper torso is mainly built on these components, including the exhausts. Man, the guys who build those must be tired. Get it? Exhausted? Hah! I slay me.

The shoulders are, of course, an enormous undertaking and take up the bulk of this sprue. The neck pistons up there remind me of exaggerated body builder cartoons.

Twinkletoes. Paint one up and call it Twinkletoes. Bonus if you sprinkle glitter in his footprints.

The Victor’s sprue, complete with autocannons and siege mortar. Note the spikes on the back of the forearm armour.

Conquest’s sprue has his main guns and secondary batteries, and much more swooshy forearm plating.

Lostie TheGreatGaspy applied airbrush to model for this one, going to a darker, more brooding Khador.

Different angles, still brooding. It’s almost like it’s actively realized that it should have been worshiping Menoth all along, but nooo, darn patriotic Mechaniks and their love of Khador…

The biggest difference between these to goons is the weight. The new plastic kits are so much lighter and easier to carry.

You can, of course, saunter unto your FLGS or visit your favourite online retailer’s website and get yours right now. Go on.