Theme Week: How I Got My Tharn On! by TheGreatGaspy

With Privateer Press dropping a PDF full of theme forces so that every faction has at least one to goof around with while we’re waiting for all the Command books to release, things are pretty much sunshine and rainbows of excitement here in the Gdaycave. To celebrate, each day this week a guest contributor is sharing their thoughts on one of the theme forces. Today’s contribution is from TheGreatGaspy, last seen trying to pluck a Rotterhorn.

If you missed the theme force PDF, you can find it here: Linky!

How I got my Tharn On!


I have always liked the Tharn, even that brute Kromac, despite his stealing a certain axe from a certain chieftain that is its rightful owner. The Tharn for me personally were always more interesting than the so-called blackclads and druids. Keep your petty mysticism and magics, I will take the blood-thirsty, heart-eating, tree cannibals! So of course I am happy to see the first theme force available to Circle is The Devourer’s  Host.

First thing’s first: what lovely toys can we take! Any Tharn units/models (kinda goes without saying), The Death Wolves, Shifting Stones, Gallows Groves, the Lord of the Feast, living non-character warbeasts, and Ghetorix. That gives you a pretty decent list of of troops to pull from, with both ranged and melee options. The question then becomes; what do I get for limiting myself to a bunch of unkempt barbarians? The new theme forces are pretty simple: take so many points of X and get a free Y, add one army benefit and a situationally useful ability.

This pattern holds true for The Devourer’s Host: for every full 20 points of Tharn models/units you take, you may include a free Tharn unit attachment or small or medium-based Tharn solo (free models don’t count towards points spent). This is pretty wild, as Tharn aren’t known for being cheap. You can easily get Chieftains or White Manes to increase your killing power, simply for fielding the more aggressive elements in circle. Losing the Chieftain in a ravager unit hurts a lot less if he didn’t cost you any points to begin with.

Benefit the second: your battle group gains snacking! I am primarily a troll player. I love snacking. Not only do I heal when I kill you, but you are removed from the game as well…? Count me in! Snacking on the rather squishy Circle beasts may seem a bit underwhelming but should someone fail to kill one of those beasts, it is quite capable of removing a fair amount of damage (think Ghetorix or Warpwolf Sstalkers for a minute) and come back swinging damn near fresh.

Benefit the third: for every 10 points of Tharn  in your army you gain one corpse token. Now here is where things get tricky: “For every 10 points of tharn in your army”… Nowhere does it mention models you got for free. This means it is quite possible to end up with a fair number of corpse tokens on key models to start your tide of death rolling. You can load up your White Manes or Lord of the Feast… Hell, if you are really cheeky, Kromac2 has the heart eater rule too, and he loves some corpse tokens!

Sadly, it can’t all be gravy: something has to give. This list is aggressive and violent. You do not get the benefits of the Druids of Orboros clouds, the Manikin forests, or much of the other defensive tech found in-faction. This combined with generally low armour  means you need to get into position and be doing damage quickly. That said, tree walker and pathfinder go a long way to covering those weaknesses.

All in all I am excited to try a few different builds with my Tharn, and if any of you have any interesting lists or tricks I’d like to hear them!