What happens when you let House Shyeel techs indulge themselves with myrmidon design? We know they’re responsible for the primary myrmidon chassis for the Retribution of Scyrah – the Phoenix, Manticore and Hydra – and yes, they had their hands all over the design of the Hyperion, but what about when you *really* take the brakes off? You get a colossal with EVEN MASSIVER FISTS (Yes, Massiver is a word, I just invented it) and the whole pushy-shovey flavour that has made the House Shyeel Battle Mages one of my favouritest things ever in the faction. Rahn is up there on the blog banner pic for a reason…

This month’s Colossal release is the Helios/Hyperion dual kit, and it’s time for a little unboxing.

As with all of the large scale plastic kits, instructions go a long way. I was impressed that the entire model is only four sprues. There’s five in the kit, but three are shared between the two builds and then there’s a fourth sprue depending on whether you want to assemble a Helios or a Hyperion. Or, ya know, magnets. Your call.


The largest components are the two halves of the upper torso, and – because it’s a Retribution model – the shoulderpads. The detail is clean, crisp, and begging for the tender kiss of an airbrush.

Hips, shoulder vents, feet… and breaking from the usual, those two discs. With the other dual kits, components that only go on one build have been on their own sprue (and we’ll get to the two individual sprues shortly), but the two discs are the gravitic motivators that go inside of the starburst cannon’s cavity on the Hyperion, and aren’t used at all on the Helios build. Tricksy!

Upper and lower arms (sans fist cowlings), upper legs and little grabby fingers that will ultimately be overshadowed by the awesome armour that surrounds them. With these three sprues done, we’ve covered the shared components… now, think how few parts there are here than there were on the Prime Conflux! Yikes! A much easier build…

Helios’ component sprue includes the Tractor Beam, the Inferno Fists and a string of arrays to focus the awesome gravimetric power that encapsulates House Shyeel’s true nature and Rahn’s belief that the world really does revolve around him.

For the Hyperion build we have the pauldrons that look like they should have been arc nodes, the enormous blade fists (man, I’d hate to be the Iosan in charge of sharpening those) and his mane of ambience conduits. It’s been fun naming components today…

We’re less than two weeks from our fundraiser at CaptainCon, so no painted model to show you today (or indeed, at all this week) as we give the prize pool one last injection of awesome before seeing how much we can raise for the Jimmy Fund – details here – but if you’re keen to toss your foes out of control zones and set them all on fire with punchiness, or just evaporate them with massive starbust glitterbombs, the Hyperion/Helios kit is in stores this month, and available from your preferred online retailer. Do the thing. The round-ears were warned.