Theme Week: A group of feral shredders, by ZosiaStarscream

With Privateer Press dropping a PDF full of theme forces so that every faction has at least one to goof around with while we’re waiting for all the Command books to release, things are pretty much sunshine and rainbows of excitement here in the Gdaycave. To celebrate, each day this week a guest contributor is sharing their thoughts on one of the theme forces. Today’s contribution is from Tim Simpson, loyal son of the Motherland.

If you missed the theme force PDF, you can find it here: Linky!

Valentine’s Day came early for many of us yesterday as optimistic anticipation was quickly replaced with familiar disappointment when the new theme lists were released. With a heavy sigh, we closed out of the PDF and found better things to read, like a list of interesting cat facts. Did you know a group of cats is called a clowder? Did you know a group of feral cats is called a destruction?

I’m excited to see some of the list builds to come out of this new theme. An interesting thing people are throwing around right now is the idea of Blight Wasps with Abby2, which are both winged beasts AND a unit. Let’s be honest, though. No one cares about what I think of this theme list, so I did what everyone really wants to do– I sat down with the JVM himself and picked his brain specifically about this theme list, his ideas of how to build for the most utility, and the impact he feels it’ll have on Legion’s overall position in the competitive meta.

Me: What were your initial thoughts on the theme list?

‪JVM: Underwhelming, because of the lack of warbeast selection for heavies. It seems this theme list feels soft but wants you to take Lylyth1, Fyanna2, or Kallus.‬‬

Me: Which would you start with?

‪JVM: Fyanna2, only because the list builds itself. Angel, Seraph, Neraph x2, and Raek for warbeasts. Similar to my list.‬‬

Me: That one is easier to build, but do you think Kallus would be better?

JVM: I feel he’s better with more infantry, so yes.

Me: What do you think would make this theme better? Is there a small change that would help or do you think it would have to be a huge overhaul?

JVM: Inclusion of all heavy warbeasts. That’s basically it.

Me: Why do you think they were excluded? ‪

JVM: Because of how abusive the list could be without draw backs. Enemy models losing AD has to come at a cost.‬‬

Me: Do you feel that’s a fair trade off?

‪JVM: I’m not sure. I have to test. It’s worth it with certain warlocks. ‬‬

Me: How would you build a Lylyth list for this theme?

JVM: I’d rather do an Abby list instead, but a Lylyth list would be: Lylyth1, Seraph, Bolt thrower, and other stuff. I’m really not sure what else to take. I’ll have to brainstorm and get back to you.

Me: Do you think this will change Legion’s position competitively at all?

JVM: With Abby2 I feel it will. I’m going to drop the Scythean and get two Neraphs.

Me: Get two Neraphs? You have like eight. How many does one person need? Asking for a friend.

JVM: I mean put two in my list now

Me: Oh, so I don’t need to buy more Neraphs yet?

JVM: No.

Me: Phew. Which small-based solo or unit attachment do you think is the best freebie?

JVM: Everything is 4 points and it depends on what you’re getting. Forsakens are likely the choice for Abby2.

Me: Did you know the world’s richest cat is worth $13 MILLION?! He inherited the money after his human passed away.

JVM: I did not. That’s crazy