Get deck’d, nerd

Coming down of the CaptainCon high is never easy. While the dread lurgy has subsided I now deal with a head cold while trying to get back into the swing of things at the office. As you all know thanks to yesterday’s post the fundraiser was a success, and it was a most excellent feeling to be able to give so much away in the name of charity… but when I got home I found someone had given back. A slip from the post office informed me that there was a parcel awaiting me at the Post Office. Curious nerd that I am, I scurried over the next day to find out what it was. I didn’t expect this…

I can tell you’re already enraptured by its magnificence, but what I saw when I turned it around will shock you #Clickbait


Not only is this an incredibly gorgeous deckbox…


Some tentative enquiries revealed that Lostie Dave C had commissioned the deckbox from DOG MIGHT, perhaps the most oddly named artisanal gaming accessory company I’ve heard of. Make no mistake, they’re not kidding when they promote their wares as kickass. They even have a box for DM’s to use with a shielded dice rolling compartment with LED lights that dangle like lanterns over the playing area, like a dungeon boss.

This incredibly generous gesture made my day, my week, my whatever. For now it takes pride of place on my wall, but who knows where it may show up in the future?

Every day I’m shufflin’…

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  1. That’s gorgeous, and very generous!