Blood Bowl: The Dwarf Giants

You know how I have so much time for all the games? So much that I just keep adding to the pile, despite an awareness of the likelihood that these darn things won’t get painted for months, maybe years… still, I’m loving the new Dwarf Giants models, even the Slayers with their magic walking beards. Is it the flowing locks? Is it the geometic armour? It is that they’re actively lacking in a stupid amount of punching spikes that that even though a few of them have blades they actually look like a Blood Bowl team as opposed to a Murderball bloodtsravaganza waiting to happen? Could be, Smalls, could be…

As with the other Blood Bowl teams, the box comes with two identical sprues, a transfer sheet, and an instruction sheet that includes an assembly guide and stats for the Dwarf Giants as a team. Putting the rules for models in the kit? What an idea!

The side without the numbers! One thing I’ll point out here is that each of the dwarf torsos has a small component that plugs into those sockets on their backs. Almost all of the models have these, though a couple don’t so I have no idea if it’s for modeling purposes or because they wamted to fill up hollows in the sprue with extra bits 😛

There’s a bonus point of confusion with the Dwarf kit as opposed to the other Blood Bowl teams, since there’s multiple builds available for the Blitzers and the Slayers.

PIECES! Reroll token, turn marker, and three balls, all of which look like their solid metal. I’d hate to be the kicker!

First up, the Blitzer, one of the few who don’t need a back plug. Two separate heads means you get variety!

Plug the pieces together and you get a pretty badass looking dude.

I think the greatest tragedy with this lineman would be if his beard covered that sweet chest armour.

Sweet! Chestface lives! Also dabs, apparently.

The most egregious use of punching spikes in the team, and it’s on a lineman…

That said, he does look pretty menacing, all hunched over like that.

The last of the linemen sculpts also packs a sweet belly face, but I fear the magnificence of his beard shadows it.

That said, it isa pretty sweet beard, and the ponytail braid – the only one on the team – completes the look. L’Oreal. He’s worth it.

Know what makes for a cool runner? A dude with one eye.

Another excellent blood bowl pose.

And here’s where it gets slightly confusing. The two slayer builds share the same body, but since they apparently walk on their ambulatory beards, you can’t plunk the body down on the base without choosing which beard to use, and their mohawks are separate components too.

Head 1 has a helmet and skulls in his beard because Grimdark. Head 2 is more of a traditional slayer head.

GAH! KILL IT WITH FIRE! You do need to assemble the mohawk as part of the torso part of the mohawk’s plug provides the second half of the socked for the model’s left arm. This means you’re trying to hold four components at once while you try to pop them together. It’s a pain in the proverbial…

… but the end result is pretty cool.

Who knows when I’ll get a chance to paint these little sods, but GW’s plastic model quality continues to set the industry standard. I’m looking forward to playing more stunty Blood Bowl.

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  1. These are, without doubt, some of the ugliest, stupidest looking Dwarves i have ever seen. Will be sticking with my scratch built team that actaully look like dwarves.