CaptainCon 2017: The Fundraiser

As you all know, Lost Hemisphere runs a fundraiser at CaptainCon each year. We choose a different charity, gather prizes from the LH Prize Pool, our sponsors and supporters, and folks who just want to donate and be a part of all the grooviness. This year we raised for the Jimmy Fund, the fundraising arm of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, with amazing support from Privateer Press, Soda Pop Miniatures, KR Multicase, The Army Painter, USAopoly, and more. Naturally we insisted on taking photos of as many winners as we could (some opted out), and in the end we raised a total of $4086 dollars after a final pitch-in from the Pathfinder Society. This beats last year’s total raised, and sets a new goal for next year…

And now, let’s see who won things… on to the goofy faces!

Lonelymonk, not used to winning things, wasn’t sure of how to react to a miniature version of Margot Robbie.

Russ started things off on the right foot!

Adam will crawl through barbed wire for the the love of Rhul

Dan snared the UberBlitzer, donated by Faultie, and now gets to have it painted by Devon Maher!

Dave was Viktorious

Mike’s preparing to fly too close to the sun with his new Helios!

Bill incurred my jealousy by scoring the Protectorate bundle from Privateer Press

Josh likes to think *inside* the box when prepping his team for Guild Ball

Michael can play X-Wing minis OR Star Trek minis!

Nick scored the donated Sovereign Tristan Durant, sent to us by Ninja Steve!

Seth is prepared to ninja ambush all the super dungeons!

Fabio’s drunk with power with the Brewers for Guild Ball

Drew’s not a Stalker, but his Warpwolf is…

This is Rob’s excited face over winning one of Games & Gears’ modular tables. Such a pretty box…

Jim’s going back to school if he can find the right platform.

Max’s new make up kit will hide many miniatures quite safely… KR’s aluminium cases are stupid durable.

Anthony isn’t panicked, he’s just going where no man has gone before.

Josh’s idea of Risky Business involves no pants, socks, old-time rock n’ roll, and a holodeck.

Pat nabbed the KRQ, perfect for carrying a Guild Ball or Blood Bowl team, a Malifaux crew or a Super Dungeon Arena team.

Can Edward escape the MOOOOON?!?!?

Hey, it’s Michael again! This time he grabbed some Wrath of Kings.

Seth, who’s shiny pate rivals my own, knows the true value of a KR card case.

Lonelymonk, still practicing his smile, nabbed the half case. I expect to see models in there next time we meet, Craigger!


Hey look! It’s Josh! How many Josh’s do we have in here anyway? Bah. Such a trivial question.

Waitaminute… my list says Brian Fox won the Army Painter Wargamer Set… ARE THERE TWO BRIAN FOX’S?!??!?!
(I know there’s two Chris Miller’s, so weirder things have happened…)

One of the oddest donations was a 4XL Press Gang T-Shirt. Oddly enough, Dan *is* kinda built like a Mountain Gorilla…

Arion’s up to some dark deeds…

Russ is a very impatient man. He’s always hurrying…

Lonelymonk?? Way to winning this year… Clan Tora!

Lonelymonk started a trend… Vincent scored the Kitsune

Jonathan understands the value of precision

Nicholas, on the other hand, understands the value of specially-brewed beverages.

William’s Arc is Triompheant!

Dapper Dan nabbed the Tanchyo, who I imagine will be painted equally dapperly.

Joshua felt all squiddy on the inside with his new Clan Ika box

And then Vincent complemented his Kitsune with the Yamazaru!

Nick swung back in for a winged cyber wolf thingie to dominate the Wrath of Kings with aerial dog poop assaults

Nicholas added enough dice to his stash to choke a beagle.

Anthony found his band of brothers. They’re going to let him play drums.

Jake decided he wanted to get his artist on with a set of The Army Painter’s Most Wanted brushes

Jacob’s gauging his foes…

Sam took Baldur1. This made Steve a little sad – Steve wanted Baldur1.

The Army Painter starter brush set went to Anthony, who apparently just kept winning things.

Ami and Danny of The Armoury game store snuck away with $40 credit for the Weary Wargamer’s painting services.

Possibly the most excited I’ve ever seen someone get about Trollblood templates. You do you, Anthony. You do you.

Van was way to happy about these Cygnar templates though. Filthy Morrowans…

Remember that beagle that choked on dice earlier? Jeremy learned, and did not attempt to feed his dice to a canine.

Paul took the white dice because he really likes cream cheese. No, I mean *really* likes cream cheese.

Some of Tectonic Studios’ base inserts went home with Mat

What the… Vincent??? At least your dice match y our shirt… 😉

And the last set of dice ran away with Connor!


There were a number of other prizes that we didn’t get names for or the pics were meh or the winners otherwise simply didn’t want to be identified, but I want to thank everyone who took part in this year’s fundraiser – as a contributor, donor, purchaser of tickets, or really everyone who supported us in any way. Over $4000 will be delivered to the Jimmy Fund by the New England Privateers on our behalf sometime over the next few weeks, and none of this would have been possible without each and every one of you and your generous hearts.

Thank you for making this year’s fundraiser a success, and for helping us set a new goal to beat next year!