CaptainCon 2017: The Photodump

So CaptainCon happened. Dieson and I road tripped it to Rhode Island to hang out with the New England Privateers, wonder why the heck everyone’s so fussed about clam chowder, and to spend the weekend playing games that actually matter, as opposed to that sportsball shenaniganry πŸ˜‰

Accordingly, you get a photodump WHEEE!

It wasn’t even fully daylight when he bundled me into the car and made me be all awake and stuff. MADE ME!

This guy was waiting for us at the border, as always. He’s very reliable.

Dieson wanted a pic too… Standards maintained on my part.

Serious face was serious. Pit stop was chilly.

An essential part of any Lost Hemisphere road trip South o’ the border.

This blue bridge is a landmark for me on this trip. It’s just a bridge, but every time I see it? Yay! Blue bridge!

Is it a bird? Is it a Superman?

Finally, the Crowne Plaza! CaptainCon time!

A much prettier view of the outside of the Atrium, after we’d had dinner and bought groceries.

Lacking enough snow to make igloos, the ladies decided to build a fort out of 2×4 tabletop battlefield portions.

Amy’s rendition of Chicago’s “All That Jazz” came complete with jazz hands.

So much setting up to do…

In the Atrium on Thursday night we played We Did Not Playtest This At All and Happy Salmon. I’m undecided as to which I enjoyed more.

Finally, Friday morning was here and it was time to get our CaptainCon on. I, of course, would spend the bulk of the nest two days behind the Fundraiser table being extra schmexy.

Now this is a swag bag. Hardcover rulesbooks for Warmachine/Hordes and Guild Ball, a GB starter set, a new board game, tokens, dice, coin, and other such shenaniganry

Possibly the most attention-getting item on the prize table was the UberBlitzer, donated by Faultie. Is it a Mountain King? Is it a War Wagon? The answer is… YES! And with Lock & Load Master Craftsman winner Devon Maher signing on to paint it for the winner in a colour scheme of their choice, this thing is just made of win.

This pic was taken as competitors gathered before the very first tournament of CaptainCon… and the beverages were already flowing πŸ˜‰

Sighted: Desert Hydra!

Hey, remember when people dissed the Archangel as the worst of the Gargantuans? Now they’re being dual-wielded.

Kat even painted hers up for the painting competition! Also, her Steven Universe shirt rocked.

Status report: The Muttonchops continue to exert their control over the host, flooding his system with endorphins.

Primal Poodle Painting Never Stops.

Danny from The Armory teaches some scrubs the glory of Blood Bowl

Dual Helios’ were also spotted. Unpainted, but hey – Dragon Forge bases!!

You can tell this pic is from Friday because I still have energy.

Special thanks go to Amy for this CaptainCon. She was my right hand and my Girl Friday,

I gave out so many Dragon Forge bases this weekend! I love that their bases let me not only share the Lost Hemisphere Astrolabe to all and sundry, but also to showcase the sweet, sweet quality of Dragon Forge’s bases.

Amy brought me gummi chicken feet. I really don’t know what to think of this. I mean, gummi is yummy, but still…

Spud’s Grind board has received a small facelift.

Thunderdome is, of course, a highlight. I don’t think I saw this table empty once during the con.

One of the more innovative board games around in terms of actual board logistics is Moonquake Escape, in which you’re a prison escapee fleeing from incarceration before the moon implodes.

As the moonquakes upset the surface the topography of the board changes as you and your fellow inmates try to get to the last rocket on the moon while dodging the guardbot and simultaneously trying to mess with your fellow players – there’s only one seat in that rocket…

This is Chris’ serious face. Also his whimsical elbow, and his malevolent thumb.

Prizes continued to roll in throughout the weekend leading up to the draw, with awesome support from Privateer Press, Soda Pop Miniatures, The Army Painter, USAopoly, KR Multicase and more.

Not many people know this, but PG_Aggyface is legally blind. Her other senses are so heightened that she can read army lists as if they were braille, simply by hovering her hand over the sheets.

This is an army transport solution. Carrying Cryx. I have no words.

Hacksaw: “The first team captain to successful snatch this pebble from my hand get a bonus 2″ deployment for his team.”

Ruxton, this convention is all about miniature gaming. Are you telling me the only thing you could find to paint was a slab of wood? I mean, at least it has your name on it…

Pew pew spacehips?


If I had remembered my bowler, and hadn’t had laser eye surgery, we could have been twinsies!

You know, some mouthwash would probably take care of those swollen tastebuds…

Kat’s Archangel, rocking the purple.

Chibi Monkey King!

Dream a little dream of me…

I am Groot.

Would you buy a fundraiser ticket from this man?

Mink the Satyr – cosplayer and part-time pokemon – was making buttons all weekend. I picked up a full set of Eveelutions, the Litten set for my son, and…

Custom-ordered Escavalier? Aww yiss! #EscavalierIsMyHomeboy

It’s like Jenga, but with hair. And noses. And teeth. And… well, no, it’s not really like Jenga at all.

And ‘lo, Dieson did smite the table, and the cannons sounded, and the heralds charged their horns, and somewhere, a gobber needed to change his trousers.

This is how we roll behind the Fundraiser desk…

Doug Mafia and Mrs Mafia get their Kingdom Death on

It simply wouldn’t be CaptainCon without my Oona…

Zara spent much of the weekend chained to the Tectonic Craft Studios table, but we snuck her out for a selfie.

That was the last of my pics from Sunday, because I was struck down by tummy wurbles and spent the rest of Sunday in bed or channeling the great white porcelain god Ralph. Thankfully I recovered sufficiently to make the drive home…

Dieson ponders sac pawn’ing a sac pawn while I get giddy thinking about Feora3

I wish I was big…

Back at the Gdaycave, buttons for kids!


BONUS FEATURE: Dieson took some pics too!

Yesss, yesss, this will do nicely…

Of course I wore my squidfez, who do you think I am??

Doug Mafia tending to a suffering bloke by trying to smother him with his rippling buffness

Nothing like watching Party Foul defeat Party Foul in the Masters…

Rest well, brave warrior, your work here is done.


So cheers to the New England Privateers. Another CaptainCon in the bag, and… oh wait, I have a craptonne of pics from the Fundraiser! Well, we’ll get them to you tomorrow πŸ˜‰