Fundraiser Update: Moonquake Escape!

What, you thought we were done adding prizes to the CaptainCon Fundraiser table? Oh, ye of little faith! We’ve always been a fan of supporting small businesses and the little guys in the industry as they make their way to being bigger guys, and it’s also super neat when they support us back. Today I get to tell you about a game that finally asks the question, can YOU escape from a prison on  moon that’s experiencing geological upheaval? I mean, I know that question’s plagued me for years, so it’s spiffy keen that Breaking Games is not only donating a copy of Moonquake Escape to the prize table, but they’ll also be on-site and their dude Jeff has also offered to sign the game and teach you all the playings! You can see his name down there on the box cover, and  he’ll be at CaptainCon running demos anyway, so you may as well take advantage of it!

From the official website:

In MoonQuake Escape, get ready to face the challenges of the spinning, changing 3D surface of the doomed prison planet of Zartaclaton. A massive MoonQuake grants you sudden freedom from your captivity, but there’s only one way to Escape–the last rescue rocket, and you need to reach it before the other players. Use the rotating and revolving 3D moon to gather charges and decide which actions will best meet your goal: finding and stopping others players, readying or stealing key equipment, or finding better ways to hide. Along the treacherous journey, watch out for shifting and dangerous terrain, out of control defenses, and a relentless prison guard that are out to end your sentence–for life!

Finding and stopping the other players is your best plan, but each is hiding amongst decoys and traps. Player interaction focuses on a risk fraught variation of the classic 3-card Monte combined with a thematic “Bluffing” component creating a clever twist that reverses the “Take That” mechanic. Can you use protective shields to lure opponents into picking the wrong hiding spot and keep your own plan from backfiring? Reach the rocket and be the first to launch during the MoonQuake and you’ve Escaped the competition!

The support of folks like Jeff goes a long way towards helping us make a difference for our Fundraiser beneficiaries each year. We’re grateful for their support just as much as we are for the support of those who purchase tickets for the Fundraiser. The Jimmy Fund – this year’s beneficiary – is part of what helps the Dana Farber Cancer Institute do what they do as they science! their way towards combating cancer and helping those afflicted. By donating to the Fundraiser, Breaking Games has stepped up the plate to contribute. I hope that those of you who’ll be joining us at CaptainCon will bring a giving spirit and help be a part of this as well.

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  1. P.S. The winner will also get a special set of promo cards (including a new piece of equipment for the game) that’s not available anywhere else in the UNIVERSE!!!!