Lafayette Escakriel – LH Charity Raffle, Part 1

FaultieAvatarHowdy folks, Faultie here.  Today I’m taking a step away from tiny army tanks and spaceships to share a special project I’ve been working on for a little while.  This model has been ruminating in my mind for about a year, and I finally had a chance to put glue to resin and get it done for a good cause.

As you may know, Captain Con is upon us, and Lost Hemisphere will be there as a force for good!  As is the annual tradition, Gdaybloke and Co. will be selling off raffle tickets to raise money charity.  This year, the charity of choice is the Jimmy Fund.  The Jimmy Fund solely supports the work of Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, raising funds for adult and pediatric cancer care.

As in years past, it is my great honor to support the awesome work that LH does to raise money for such worthy charities.  Once upon a time, I created the Steamin’ Sally, a B-17-inspired landship conversion of a Ghordson Earthbreaker as my raffle donation.  Since that time, I’ve had an idea ruminating in my head to create a Hordes-version of this concept: the ÜberBlitzer.

But wait, there’s more!  In addition to the model itself, the winner will have the option to have it painted by Cutthroatcure (Devon Maher), Master Craftsman of Lock & Load 2016.  Devon and I will work with the winner to develop whatever basing and paint scheme the winner desires, get it all painted up, and then ship it back to the winner for free!

As with the Steamin’ Sally, the inspiration for the ÜberBlitzer is a sort of landship with crewmen all over it–a Trollblooded hybrid of a WWII B-17 and a grot megatank.  So for this project, I scaled up the Blitzer by replacing the Dire Troll with a Mountain King.  In my mind, there’d be a bit more “ship” to the “landship” look for this model, and the Trollkin War Wagon has a nice howdah superstructure (with turret!) that I figured I could kitbash together without substantial rebuilding required.


Unlike the Earthbreaker, the Mountain King doesn’t actually have that many pieces to it.  There are two legs, two loincloths, two arms, torso, mountain-back, head, and jaw.  Sure, there’s a good number of whelps, pygs, and chains, but most all of those pieces are purely cosmetic, made to be attached after the beast is completed.  The small number of pieces combined with fairly clean casting meant that the entire kit only took me about 45 minutes to assemble.  Sadly, it did require some greenstuffing on the arms, as neither of the under-arm castings seemed to have worked out right, and there was no other way to attach the arms without massive gaps. Other than that, it was actually quite a nice kit to work with.


The War Wagon, on the other hand, was quite a chore.  There was plenty of flash, a handful of unfortunate mold lines, and (worst of all) the “wall” pieces of it were warped all to hell.  It took a good bit of cutting, sanding, hot water, and glue to get things looking reasonably well.  There’s still some greenstuffing to do to fill some gaps now that I look at these pictures, but in the end I think it looks close enough to the studio model that is on the box to progress.  I think it probably took me twice as long to get the War Wagon passable as it did to get the Mountain King finished.


As strange as it seems, there wasn’t actually *that* much conversion required for the ÜberBlitzer. After assembling the Mountain King, and mostly assembling the War Wagon (leaving off the turret and wheels), it came time to merge the two. To start, I had to saw off the top of the MK’s rocky back. I decided I did not want the howdah sitting directly on his shoulders, but rather wanted it elevated just a bit to give a sort of crow’s nest feel. This required also sawing off the bottom of the War Wagon, removing the undercarriage entirely. It was at this point that I also replace where the driver would Ben and added the Pyg Ace from the Classic Dire Troll Blitzer. This Pyg had a bit more of the look I wanted than the new restock kit, and so filled the role of nose gunner well. I put the other pygmy roll gunner in his usual place, and laced the loader pyg on the very back (desire to have the turret rotate required this).

Man your battlestations!
Next came physically attaching the two pieces. For actual connection, I used a heap of free stuff underneath (which will get some clean-up soon). For visual connection, I used many of the chains meant to be waving free as tie-downs, giving it the look of something haphazardly, but securely fastened in place. I even worked in part of the buffalo harness from the War Wagon.

Lastly, what is a massive ÜberBlitzer without a bunch of pygs and whelps clambering all over? To fully crew such a beast, I added the various whelps to the model (some in alternate places due to conversion), and the new tacked on the pygmy troll from the Classic Dire Troll Bomber to the right shoulder (why he has a torch, we may never know).

Hold on for dear life!
Now sporting a crew of 10 pygs and whelps, plus a full-sized trollkin gunner, the ÜberBlitzer is ready for war! Or, at least it’s ready for a new coat of paint.

Goliath online!

As mentioned above, the lucky winner of this piece will have the opportunity to work with Cutthroatcure to devise a paint scheme, which he will then execute on the model. You may have seen some of Cutthroatcure’s work in No Quarter 67, which featured his marvelous Trollbloods army that won Master Craftsman at Lock & Load 2016.

Marshal the Kriels!
I will also create (or purchase) a base suitable to the theme. There will, of course, be a follow-up article detailing the painting and basing portion of this project, so stay tuned!

If you’re going to Captain Con, make sure you swing by and have a look at my model. Love it or hate it, I’d really appreciate if you tossed a few bucks in to benefit the Jimmy Fund, and maybe win some cool prizes!