To suggest that February has been something of a Circle Christmas isn’t entirely off base. There’s more Circle blog posts coming with the release of the Circle Orboros Command Book and Kaya the Wildheart, Una the Falconer hit general release, and then there’s this bad boy. With one of the most fun poses of all of the Warpwolf models, character or otherwise, Loki just exudes menace, and that spiked hook doesn’t help matters at all. I’m pretty sure he failed his puppy training class, but even more impressive than this great looking model and its amazing rules is how easy he is to assemble…

Okay, let’s look at all the… pieces… Um… there doesn’t seem to be a lot of them…

In fact, Loki comes in a grand total of five pieces, with the entirety of the head, body and legs being one single cast piece.

Yes, granted, this means you’ll be hard pressed to repose him, but damn that’s a nice hunk of plastic.

The shield is a gorgeous piece of resin, beautifully cast. Just clip off the plugs and you’re good to go.

Joining at the elbow, the connection is masked by a strap and buckle left over from Michael Jackson’s BAD phase.

The tail is similarly well cast, with cracked skin inferring how painful it must be to sprout those spines.

The join is neat against the tuchus, plenty of contact area. Toucha da butt.

Finally! Metal components! This is all we get, a forearm with chain, and a hook.

The hook plugs on the outside of the arm, with a little nub and socket. The handle on the hook rests against the hand for some bonus contact if you can’t be bothered drilling and pinning.

Welcome to the gun show! A nice join under the shoulder keeps it simple.

Painted by Greg or Solon or Whatever he’s calling himself from Party Foul, Loki is all set to wreck face in Southern Ontario. With the Ontario Team Championship coming up and the Southern Ontario Open not far away, I think we should totally pressure Greg to start playing Convergence instead… 😛