Continuing to torture myself with Cygnaran blog posts, today we take a look at Maddox’s personal warjack, Brickhouse. Possessed of possibly my favourite Cygnaran warjack head design, a dirty great hammer that looks a tad awkward in the stock pose, and a magnetic hand that tells you to Stop! so that it can beat you around the head with said hammer while you try to figure out if you’re stopping in the name of love, to collaborate and listen, or… oh, of course. The hammer. It’s hammertime. Well, while it may not have parachute pants, Brickhouse is still Mighty Mighty with his power maul, has an enhanced carapace to shield itself from from ranged attacks, and of course, that magnetic palm strike…

As with many of the newer kits, the bulk of the model is plastic/resin, with weightier metal components relegated to the lower portion of the model, providing a lower center of gravity.

The torso is a lovely, clean cast. I did clip of the bulk of the resin channels, though there’s still cleanup to do. The notch on the inside of the shoulder cavity is in a different location on either side, helping you line up the components.

I really like that head design. Seriously, it’s probably my favourite Cygnaran ‘jack head, almost gladiatorial. Shoulder nubs are nubby.

The Magno Fist arm has a very impressive tech array built into it. Each shoulder’s plug is identified with an R or L to help you figure out which goes on which side.

The hand pops into the forearm nicely. I’ll note here that some of the resin channels are unfortunately placed, like on the inside of the upper arm’s socket where it joins to the shoulder. Yes, it’ll be hidden after assembly so the cleanup can be rougher, but at the same time it’s a sod getting all of the plug out of the bowl, which you really need to do if you want a clean fit.

On the other wise is the more traditional forearm, and the contentious hammer. Many are of the opinion that it would have been better if the grip was further up the haft, though I contend this would make it less functional as a means of thwacking someone caught in the magno fist’s grip.

The solution for some has simply been to rotate the join on the shoulder so that the hammer isn’t being held in an up-and-down position, though the enormous screws in the shoulder limit just how far back you can spin it. Note also that the fist, when flush against the wrist join, is at an angle too- it’s not strictly up-and-down already. Play with it a little.

And now we get the metal legs, metal loincloth (should that be loinmetal?) and… kneedpads?!?

Yup, Brickhouse has separate kneepads. Little known fact, the actuators in his legs have room behind them to smuggle uiskefrom Khador. Sneaky mechaniks have been hiding illicit boozahol in there.


Brickhouse is on shelves, and would really like to show the world that the Iosan Gorgon myrmidon was really onto something that force hold business, they just needed a power maul to back it up. Now’s your chance to help him achieve this dream, Cygnarans!