Kaya the Wildheart

Why just take a picture of one blister, when I can take a picture of two? Kaya the Wildheart has dropped, as of course did Una the Skyhunter and Horgle the Anvil, but Horgle wasn’t Orborosy enough to squeeze into the pic. Una we’ve covered in the past, using the model that was released last year, but Kaya the Wildheart adds a new level of pupper with her wolf, Laris, growing large enough to be a steed. Wolf riders aren’t unfamiliar to the Circle Orboros – Tharn women ride wolves into battle, and Morraig’s been leaping into the fray paws first for some time, but this is the first Warlock who’s decided “You know what, I want me some of that doggo action”.

Kaya comes in 5 pieces. Laris comes in three. Clearly, an oversized spirit wolf thingie is easier to care for than a wilding-driven Warlock.

First up, the pupper. Laris’ body, head and tail are all a single glorious component, while he has metal legs because he’s clearly part cyborg.

The body is beautifully cast with very clean detail. Clip off the resin channels and you’re good to go.

On Laris’ left side the single leg nestles under the curve of the barding.

On his right side, the two legs are a single fused component, making this the easiest-to-assemble beastie ever.

Kaya, however, decided to complicate things by having all the components.

Kaya’s body mounts into the knees on Laris’ saddle.

Kaya’s torso is pretty much unadorned throughout the core, but as you can see from the pic before this one, you won’t be seeing the torso front anyway with the way she leans forward. Her arms socket in a nice, straightforward matter exactly where you think they would.

Kaya’s cape wedges into the socket, though you might need to do some test fits until you’re comfortable with the angle. Despite the weight of the cape, the socket provides very generous contact area.



TheGreatGaspy  took on painting chores for the Wildheart. With Laris’ white fur, the blue armour and Kaya’s red cape, is there a patriotic message being sent?? And here we all thought he was Canadian…

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  1. Avatar Volpethrope
    Volpethrope says:

    Hey, did you have any issue getting Kaya’s knees to sit correctly in their sockets on Laris’ body? I can’t quite get mine to fit right, where if one looks likes it’s seated fully, the other is off-angle by like half a millimeter.