Thorn Gun Mages & Colbie

How long has it been since someone’s made a joke about Mercenaries not being a real faction? Does it still rankle Kev Bryant the way it used to? Ah, nostalgia…

February gave us a couple of new toys for the Mercenary players out there, and for the Cygnarans and Menites as well. Only one works for Khador, but that’s because Empress Vanar’s imperialistic expansionist tendencies really ticked off pretty much the entirety of Llael, and made everyone else a tad nervous.

Colbie Sterling is the captain of the Black River Irregulars, and one of my favourite types of models: Single piece! The incredibly capable Ms Sterling, star of Skull Island fiction and Undercity boardgaming, Colbie packs an enormous mace and a slug gun.

With the ability to reposition marshalled warjacks and repair pretty much any Construct she can get base-to-base with, Colbie has a little something to offer any Menite, Cygnaran or Khadoran that will pay her fee.

May Llaelese turned to the bottle after the Khadoran invasion. That may be why they’re all legless. HAH! I made a terrible joke.

The captain comes in four pieces, because that’s as much as sign of his rank as his hat.

If you’re having any confusion as to which sword arm belongs to which gent, check out the wrists. The captain has cuffs, while bandana man here has flared gloves.

I think this is the point where I mention how awesome these models are for switching into the IKRPG…

And yes, I assembled one, cos I could. We’ll see how long it takes for me to get around to painting it…


Colbie Sterling and the Thorn Gun Mages are in stores now, and want to help your Cygnar, Protectorate and Khador armies. Who are you to deny them?