So it’s been said, when it comes to storytelling, that a hero is only as good as his villains. If you’re on Superman power level and you spend all your time dealing with purse snatchers, the story falls flat. Throw in cosmic level demigods and it gets potentially interesting. Similarly, if you’re a hero focused on mood and the psychological, your rogues gallery needs to be filled with the dark and twisted, as opposed to simply the mega powerful. Batman has dealt psychopathic fruit loops with an array of superpowers, but when Bane broke the bat, Jean-Paul Valley stepped into the batsuit and brought a brutal, sharp-edged, oh-so-90’s-comics interpretation to the role of the Dark Knight. When Bruce Wayne returned, Jean-Paul continued under the name Azrael.

Wait, hang on, we’re talking Warmachine and Hordes? I thought we were getting nostalgic about 90’s comics! Okay, okay, let me change mental gears here…

So we’re talking the character Nephilim, Azrael! He of the flaming spears! Nice pieces make up one of my favourite Legion of Everblight models.

The resin torso and tail pop together beautifully, with the connection hidden somewhat by the overlapping armour plates. There’ll be some cleanup required for the resin channels, clearly.

I love that the wings aren’t just mirrors of each other. These are organic, having open flexed open more than the other makes for a more dynamic model.

The metal component count is light, at five – the right forearm’s hiding a little there behind the left hand.. While each will be situated higher on the model, lifting the center of gravity, the curve of the tail makes for a suitably stable mount.

He’s very happy to see you – look at that smile!

Once again, the connection is well made and well masked.

Because he was fully assembled but unpainted, Reznik clearly thought he was just a statue as he thundered past in the background.

Now that TheGreatGaspy has slapped colour on him, I don’t think Reznik will make the same mistake next time…