Kallus, Devastation of Everblight

Before we jump into unboxings of the new releases for the army of the frozen North this week, we have one last unboxing for the army of the frozen North… er… I mean, the other army of the frozen North.  We’ll be looking at the newest releases for Khador next, but first it’s the newest evolution of Everblight’s personal golem, the created being Kallus. Apparently determined to follow in Thagrosh’s footsteps by becoming more dragonlike, Kallus decided it was time for a tale and some more dragonspawn-y limbs. Maybe he was just tired of being bipedal? Who can tell. OPEN THE BOX!

Given the recent models we’ve looked at, I was a little surprised to see just how many components for Kallus2 were cast in metal. Still, given the size of the model, the fact that the entire core body is a single opponent is pretty darn sweet.

One component, spikes and all. Yes, there’s resin channels to be clipped off, but they clip cleanly and are largely on the underside of the model and/or will be hidden by other components as they’re added.

The head and left arm are small enough as components go, but I’d be looking to add a pin to that sword arm. That’s a lot of weight and torsion risk on the joint.

The heavier forelimbs may need pinning too. Meanwhile the hind legs and tail add some weight to the model so it’s not too topheavy.

Assembled, he looks kinda like this…

And if you let TheGreatGaspy paint him, he comes out kinda like this. I must say, I love the fiery contrast of the blade to the cold blues and steels of the rest of the model.

Kallus, Devastation of Everblight, is available now from your FLGS or preferred online vendor.