Continuing on our Cryxy way, we move move from the warcaster with more legs than a volleyball team to the warjack with more tentacles than an octopus who’s lost a tentacle. Cos, ya see, Kharybdis has eight whippy arms. His head kinds reminds me of a cuttlefish, so there’s the impression of more tentacles there, but really there’s just eight. He does have four legs though, so there’s that.

Aiakos’ pet crabjack, Kharybdis rises from the depths like the a squidcrab of doom. A POW12 spray that can blind its targets, two P+S16 whippy tendril attacks that totally make me think of Day Of The Triffids, and the ability to drop a 4″ acid cloud around itself makes it an interesting prospect for any infantry with an eye to attacking it. Oh, and if you do happen to be playing it with Aiakos himself, Kharybdis gains Prowl, so it can functionally provide itself with Stealth as it moves into position to engage its victims.

Visually, I’ve long been a fan of the amphibious helljacks, but Kharybdis kicks it up a notch. This is a sweet looking model with some neat abilities, and it just happens to be named after a creature of mythology that I was already fond of, so yeah… I like this thing.

Let’s take a look at the bits…

Assembly of Kharybdis is actually pretty straightforward. Thirteen pieces, because it’s unlucky for some.

Each of the four legs has a shaped socket to help you line everything up. Some test fitting is still required, mind you.

One tentril arm is a single, solid piece, while the other has sockets for the two metal tendrils to plug into, at any angle you choose.

Three of the four legs had little pads on the end of them which make it that much easier to secure to the base.

That’s a badass head. I’m sorry, but it is.

That’s a blurry picture of the carapace. I’m sorry, but it is.

Each of the arms is a simple ball socket, so you can swivel and glue them any way you choose.

It’s like 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, but with  more knobbly bits.

Add some pauldrons and you’re done!

The computer ate my pic of the fully assembled model, but you get the idea…

… now go out there and get Kharybdis 😉