Maybe it’s just because of that one game when he charged and assassinated the enemy warlock with his trench knife, but Oleg Strakhov has been one of my favourite Khadoran warcasters for awhile now. When I was playing Khador he was second only to the Old Witch herself for warcasters I enjoyed goofing around with, as I tried to find ways to have fun with Kossite Woodsmen.

Now, hero of the Motherland that he is after rescuing Karchev from the bowels of the Cephalyx warrens, Strakhov has been upgraded to Assault Kommander, and after years of refining the Assault Kommandos in between acts of espionage, sabotage and assassination (marking him as Khador’s equivalent of Cygnar’s Caine – before Caine went rogue, of course), Strakhov now enters the fray with a pair of elite Kommandos in tow, each armed with lethal Death Whisper Carbines with armour-piercing ammunition and specially trained to work with Strakhov’s own flexible tactical style. I mean, who doesn’t want armour piercing firearms on models with Stealth, that can readily switch to having Overtake if it’s trench knife time?

Break out the frogurt, peeps, and let’s take a quick look at the models.

Assembly is a breeze. Each of the kommandos is a two-component model, and Strakhov himself comes in four pieces that go together exactly as you expect they would. This is nice… wait til we get to Mortenebra2’s unboxing…

Kommando1, who I think is the female kommando depicted in the art, because the Motherland requires respects all citizens of the empire, is moving forward, getting into position to pop a shell your direction.

Kommando2 already has you in his sights. Maybe you shouldn’t have worn such enormous pauldrons and made yourself a bigger target.

With each  model being a simple two components, assembly took all of… oh, I dunno, however long it took the glue to cure.

Assault Kommander Strakhov comes in four pieces, because he’s the boss and to have the same as his subordinates wouldn’t have properly reflected his status.

Now, if he has an eyepatch, why does he need goggles with two lenses? It strikes me that it’d just be uncomortable when he pulled them down. Regardless, he’s ready to gut his target like a fish. He’ll need to descale his target first, and whether or not he’ll remove the head and tail depends on the recipe. I’m fairly certain hes had experience at fileting.

Assault Kommander Strakhov and his Howling Kommandos are available this month from your FLGS or preferred online retailer. Knives in the dark? Nuthin’ but an Oleg thing.