May Blisters from Privateer, pt1 (the non-Skorney bits)

Yes, yes, we’re all a bit giddy about the Retribution goodies that have seen early release on the convention circuit, but let’s not forget the niftiness that’s actually releasing this month per normal scheduling! We’ve got a bunch of Skorne, a new Gargantuan, a light warjack kit, and some assorted shininess making its way for FLGS’s and online retailers, including a very special lad who promises to help my Sunbursts actually hit a little better… Or if nothing else, he can make his own grenades more accurate ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Deliverer Arms Master comes in two handy components: An arm with some binoculuars, and… everything else.

It’s a simple, dynamic model who wants everyone to use his sword as a sighting aid. I know I’d be inspired!

Meanwhile, in the frozen North, they have to use axes instead of swords, because they serve double duty chopping trees for firewood to keep warm. The Winter Guard Artillery Kapitan comes in three components, because while the Arms Master carries his firebombs in a satchel, the Kapitan slings his blunderbuss across his back.

Sighting along an axe may not be as sighting along a sword, but hey, he’s got all those extra pouches to carry spare tobacco and beard wax. It’s a good life in the Empress’ army.

If you want an Unlife though, there’s always Hellslinging. Sure, Caine’s got his little group ofย livinghellslingers, but what if you could walk through walls? You’d never have to carry keys again!

Aside from the obvious cleanup required on that resin plug beneath the voluminousg folds of his ghostly longcoat, the Hellslinger Phantom is a super clean sculpt. Pew Pew!

You can find these shinies (and more) releasing this month from Privateer Press. Trudge down to your FLGS or log in with your preferred online retailer to score yours.