SCA: Ealdormere Spring Crown Tournament 2017

It can be lonely at the top. The crown weighs heavy, and every King and Queen knows that while their hands may guide the kingdom to prosperity and strength, they are but mortal, and there will come a time when they are no longer able to shepherd and safeguard their people. Throughout time immemorial this has driven Monarchs and Regents to safeguard their kingdoms through establishing a line of succession. For some cultures this is hereditary, for others it is a political appointment. Here in Ealdormere, assembled worthies compete for the honour twice a year. The joy of this, other than ensuring that Ealdormere’s thrones will remain occupied, is that I got go take photos and videos of a bunch of my Scadian pals enjoying their hobby!

Their Majesties await the commencement of the thwackery.

A list field of worthies!

Finery is the order of the day. Be it freshly painted shields…

… or a Countess’ dangly bits. What?

Fighters and their inspirations heeded the words of the King and Queen before beating each other up. The fighters, that is. The inspirations probably engaged in some competitive inspiring, but it was a lot more subtle and harder to photograph.

Lostie Dieson came out to his first event, and had his attention caught on the Stabbery field.

Mighty Stabbery occurred, though of course the focus of the day was the Crown Tournament itself.

Morris Dancing has evolved over the years to take safety into consideration. Hence helmets and shields.

Chillaxing as one does as the last rounds commence.

Speaking of, VIDEO! A bunch of the last rounds, the finals between Sir Edward and Sir Evander, and a bonus bout of Chubby Bunny. WASSAIL TO THE THE NEW PRINCE AND PRINCESS OF EALDORMERE THAT I’M NOT NAMING RIGHT HERE TO AVOID SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO ENJOY THE FINAL BOUT!

Entrance to the Princess Tea is guarded by the Queen’s Guard.

Newly minted, the Prince and Princess take their places beside the King and Queen.

The populace swears fealty – none of the people pictured here swearing are allowed to assassinate the monarchs.

Their Excellencies Skraeling Althing gift the recently hatted Excellencies Ramhaven with an offering of Skrael Largesse.

This may only be the second event that we’ve both been at, but she knows to at least poke her tongue out for a selfie. There is hope for the future of Ealdormere!

And of course, there were some absolutely beautiful awards granted…

He only peeked out from behind his Award of the Maiden’s Heart because I yelled at him.

This was amazing. Not only was this good Lady granted her Award of Arms, but it was done so in book form with several beautiful pieces of art, and a story read aloud in court. That Lady Jasmine Galbraith has been recognized for her efforts at events in Ealdormere and her contribution to the community is a wonderful thing. Wassail!


Next SCA event on the agenda: Murder Melee…

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    A delightful article as usual! 🙂 Many thanks for sharing your reminiscences of the day.