Ahem Ahem Hemera

One of the things I love is seeing character warjacks and warbeasts introduced to the game, and seeing how they work with their chosen warcasters and warlocks. Scourge of Heresy embodies Reznik’s hatred of arcantrik spellcasters, Rok is a drunken, barbarous lout just like Borka, and now we’ve got Hemera.

A heavy myrmidon from House Shyeel, Hemera’s shoulder spines give an immediate and visual link with Issyria, the most support-oriented warcaster in Ios. Hemera even follows Issyria’s example by being the first Myrmidon to only have one melee attack, instead wielding an Empowered Arc Node on its right arm, reducing the cost of an arc’d spell by 1 and making Hemera an interesting prospect for any of the Retibution’s spell-centric warcasters.

Top that off with a fairly potent Celestial Gate gun making for a boostable POW14 4″ AoE in a faction without an abundance of boostable template attacks, mounted on a Myrmidon that can Reposition, and Hemera is a pretty solid turret. Oh, and that AoE has Crit Dispel as well, just to add insult to injury.

Is the entire bundle worth 16 pts? We’ll have to put this beautiful pair of walking shoulderpads on the table and see. What? There’s more to the model than just enormous shoulderpads? Oh good, I through Vlad Tzepesci and the Harbinger were going to sue for trademark infrigement 😉

Of all the Myrmidons I’ve ever assembled, Hemera may well be the most straightforward. Each arm is a single component, the torso is a single component, there’s no separate kneecaps…

This is literally the only “Hrm….” moment on the entire model. The leg to waist joints aren’t keyed, they’re just round plugs and sockets. Position carefully – you want the model to be able to stand up.

Arms connect into shoulders with demicircle keys…

Shoulderpads pop in with square keys…

The “wings” have shaped slots… (and yes, I just quickly snipped off the resin plugs for the sake of assembly photos, no real cleaning here)

… and the head nestles in its little socket quite neatly.

Behold yon sexy beast! With the only metal component above the waist being the head, the model is decently balanced weight-wise despite the enormous amount of resin in the upper portions. I will need to heat and reshape the arm blade, but other than that? Schmexy.

You can get yours this month from your FLGS.