More Elves! Gyrrshyld and friends

The Retribution marches on! June sees the release of Elara, Death’s Shadow, the Fane Knight Guardian and Lord Gyrrshyld, the Forgiven. I’m not saying I’ve forgiven him, tricksy sod that he is, but hey, it’s Scyrah’s call. We had a look at Elara awhile back – it’s been almost a year since she was initially released last Gencon – but the Fane Knight Guardian and Gyrrshyld are all sorts of interesting. With all three hitting stores this month amidst all the other Retribution goodies, let’s take a look at the two new boys.

The Fane Knight Guardian is all sorts of exciting. Aside from his ability to Shield Guard – always a useful thing when the model is ARM 20 when within your warcaster’s command area – but the ability to grant your warcaster +2DEF against melee, parry, and immunity to knockdown, stationary and backstrikes? Oh, and he’s five easy-to-assemble components.

I’m particularly impressed with how good a fit the legs are at the waist. Super neat!

And then you get to glue on a head and two arms, making for a badass-looking dude. As warcaster attachments go, solid as.

Gyrrshyld also comes in five pieces, because he’s trying to be as cool as the Fane Knight Guardian.

Gyrrshyld’s head will only fit on facing to the side. The head piece is sculpted to sit just so over the node at the front of the chest.

The back of the cloak is worth a quick peek too. While other Retribution warcasters have streamlined nacelles for their armour exhausts, Goreshade insists on spiky bits and if you squint a little it looks kinda like an animal skull. See? He’s still eeevil!

… but he looks pretty boss in  his evilness. Granted, Garryth and Vyros are jerks as well, so he’s in good company.

Have you talked to your FLGS about whether or not you’ve forgiven the eldritch formerly known as Goreshade yet?