House Elllowuyr Swordsmen

Retribution Christmas continues! Thyron, Sword of Truth, raised many an eyebrow when he was released. Not only was he a new  style of warcaster for the Retribution, but the introduction of House Ellowuyr into Warmachine caused something of a stir. Who were these mysterious blademasters? Is there dedication to the Retribution political or had Thyron had a deeper revelation? Is the Iosan god of stabbery out there? Will Thyron quest to find it? He better take some backup. Enter: The House Ellowuyr Swordsmen.

I was fully expecting the same sort of plastic sprues we’ve seen on units in the past, but the packaging surprised me with the bases and swords all in one ziploc, and two padded envelopes with the sprues.

After removing the components from all the packaging… each of the Swordsmen – all of the grunts, holding weapons in both hands – are two piece models, and the only separate piece is the metal swords??? The Standard Bearer’s banner pole and the Leader’s cape are the *only* parts beyond body and sword, across the entire freaking unit. (*faints*)

There are three sprues for the grunts, each with all three grunt sculpts, and then a fourth sprue with the unit leader, standard bearer, and officer.

If you’re trying to figure out which sword goes with which grunt, I’ve sorted them for you and circled the bit you need to pay attention to. The sword on the left has a stud on the left forearm,  its associated grunt will have a socket. The sword in the middle has a socket on the left forearm, the corresponding grunt will  have a stud. The sword on the right has a stud on the right forearm, and just in case you were confused, the stud is also square, while the others are round.

That leaves three swords. From left to right we have the Officer’s, the standard bearers (which attaches to his back) and the Leaders.

Speaking of the leader, I had to assemble him because he’s a mighty sexy lad with plenty of swoosh to that cape of his.

Now you can click the picture above, or you can click THIS LINK but either way you’ll be taken to Combo Smite, where one of my favourite people Nick Grawburg has not only painted up the entire unit, but he’s posted an entire tutorial to show how he did it. You may never be as cool as Nick, but your models can look shiny like his.

Have you picked up your sword-spinny elves to help take down the round-ears yet?