Painting slump

As I sit here awaiting the delivery of Widower’s Wood (now that I’ve paid UPS’s ransom), and with more minis on way soon for Rail Raiders, and Super Dungeon Legends and Relic Knights 2.0 and Grymkin and Wild West Exodus’ new ownership and the Blood Bowl teams I picked up and hell, I even have some Beastclaw Raiders for AoS… It’s being gratuitously rubbed in my face that I’ve been in a paint slump for months. My brushes got applied to some SDE models for Arena, but that little project remains uncompleted as well.

Part of it’s distraction with other hobbies – I’ve really enjoyed making kumihimo cords in recent months, I’ve been dabbling with calligraphy and illumination and other SCA things, I recently acquired a PS4 and am enjoying Diablo, and of course being a single dad and trying to pay the bills with work and stuff is a time consuming prospect.

Another part is lack of gaming. Demands on my time have changed over the years, and with the loss of my FLGS (I miss you, Hobby Kingdom) as a regular *close* gaming destination, I’ve just played less and less games. I get board games in from time to time, but minis games have been few and far between. Without regular gaming there’s less impetus to put paint on minis. If I’m not using them, getting them painted hasn’t been a priority.

The third, and for me most significant, is lack of direction. I’ve had to sell multiple armies over the years to pay for, well, existing. My Retribution and Protectorate were sacrificed on the altar of financial wellbeing. I’ve managed to gather enough models to kickstart my way back into the Protectorate – the faction which I had the most fun playing – but if I’m starting something new, I’m starting something new. This is an opportunity to try out a completely new colour scheme, and I’ve been unable to decide on one. When I painted my old army I knew the palate, so I just picked up the models and applied it. With no predetermined palate, I’m sitting here looking at all my paints in their Games & Gears paint racks and scratching my head.

The recent announcement of Company of Iron – skirmish squad rules for Warmachine and Hordes – may be just what the doctor ordered. I’m very keen to see just how a Menite warband is assembled – what models are allowed, etc. I’m willing to bet there’ll be an option for an Exemplar of some sort in there, so the Exemplar Officer has made it as far as the miniature holder thingie.

We’ll see where this develops.

(and the Forge Seer’s there cos I think it’s a super sweet model and plan to paint it for MortymerXT as long as he promises not to use it against me in his own Company of Iron list)

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  1. We should do painting hangouts together to motivate each other to paint 🙂