Retribution: The New Nyss Order

We’ve got a whole bunch of Retribution releases to unbox this month, and one of the more unusual is the newest subgroup of the faction, the Nyss. With Nyssor himself being recovered by the Ossyan (Sod off, Vyros, we all know Ossyan did the hard work on this one), it’s no surprise that the winter elves who escaped Everblight’s taint have rallied to the flag of the Retribution. The noble Ryssovass, led by Aelyth Vyr and supported by the priest of Nyssor, have donned Retribution Mage Hunter green and joined the crusade against the round-ears. Of course, there’s that pesky matter of the Skorne on their doorstep, but still…

Let’s look at some elves in skirts!

The Priest of Nyssor is a single piece model. I made a Priest of Nyssor for the IK: Unleashed RPG at one point… isn’t it nice that Privateer makes great models not only for Warmachine and Hordes, but also for the roleplaying game?

Aelyth Vyr ups the game by being two components, but it’s only his left arm in metal. Beyond that he’s a beautifully cast resin model.

If you’re particularly talented when it comes to painting eyes, you could totally paint him as if he’s checking the fitbit on his wrist to see if he’s hit his step goal for the day. Bearded elves are’s common, but he pulls it off…

The Ryssovass Defenders surprised me by coming in a new form of packaging, and even including the unit card.

Following standard procedure, there are three of each grunt sculpt, and one separate unit leader model. Each of the models is two pieces – body and cloak/head – and their Nyss Claymores coming as a third piece, with hands attached. Assembly is super easy.

The masked Ryssovass have shaped slots on their back, each fitting only one of the capes, making it easy to figure out which goes with which body. One of the sculpts – the one on the left in the above  pic – is female with the other three sculpts male.

Amusingly, all three grunt models face directly forward, while the unit leader – the only one without a mask – looks across this shoulder. I’m thinking those helmets aren’t articulated at the neck, and have wide eye slits to allow for peripheral vision. There’s probably some Nyss-related reason, like the mask design stopping your eyebrows freezing off. The Leader clearly doesn’t care about such things.

Dynamic, sexy, and giving you the option to paint armour, cloth, leather, feathers/fur… the Ryssovass Defenders are a pretty sexy unit and would also be badass if you replaced the Claymore blades with clear acrylic rods for lightsabres…

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  1. This are great additions to the Retribution range, and even I, a Khador player, am thinking to buy some just to paint them!!