SCA: Murder Melee 2017

This past weekend saw one of my favourite events in the Kingdom of Ealdorere, specifically in my home Barony of Ben Dunfirth, as Murder Melee in the Meadow took place in the Binbrook Conservation Area. Good gentles camped and competed, and while it’s always great to watch the brave combatants do their thing, it’s even more awesome when they’re wading into each other in teams. Oh, the clash of sword on shield! Or other sword! Or helmet! Whatever, it was a great time. There’s lots of pics of people fighting, so we’re going to start with something else that’s super special.

Pesha, also known as Gypsy, was inducted into the Order of the Wain for her service to Ealdormere. This is a grant level award – you don’t get to be a Wain unless the existing Wains are in agreement that your service has been, frankly, remarkable. Every event I’ve seen her at, Pesha has dedicated so much of her time and efforts to helping others enjoy the game. A very well deserved award, for the now Honorable Lady Pesha.

Alright, let’s toss out a bunch of pics of people in armour and stuff. That’s what you’re here for, right?

Casually sauntering back to shelter after a bout. So relaxed, that Meuric.

Leeryoooy Jeeennkinnnnnssss!!!

Playing air guitar in front of the opposing shield wall is an obscure tactic, but there is a certain psychology it.

Having been up all night fighting crime, The Honorable Lord Alexander Gladstone takes a nap. Shields make great, if stiff, blankies.

Why, it’s Guy Incognito! He must be visiting with the Norgoth Barbarians. You know, I’ve never seen King Quilliam and Guy Incognito in the same room at the same time… they must have had a falling out at some point and refuse to be seen with each other, or something.

Hokey Pokey gets really interesting when you put your right sword in.

The stalwart soldiers of Ben Dunfirth fend off the Barbarian invaders


Most winter athletes retire during the warmer months. Jack the Pyrate’s love of skiing knows no weather cycle.

And briefly, STABBERY!

INTERMISSION: A side trip to the Barbarian Camp resulted in marshmallows being brought out, and once more… Chubby Bunny.

By carrying a large, unblazoned shield, you can sometimes fool Crusaders into thinking you’re just a piece of scenery.

Prince Edward the Red’s polearm is long, strong, and down to get some fightin’ on. You could say he likes big melees and he cannot lie.

“Paint me like one of your French squires.”

There was Thwockery as well as the Thwackery and Stabbery. I proved I’m still very mediocre at it πŸ˜‰ There was Twangery as well, but Gdayboy (Ivan Day) and I didn’t twang this day.

One of the highlights of Murder Melee is the tug-o-war, when this ambitious group of short people (supported by her Excellency, Baroness Jocea of Ben Dunfirth and anchored by my own son Ivan Day), try to defeat…

A team of strapping adults, helmed by our own Baron Brand of Ben Dunfirth. Those kids don’t stand a chance! Or do they?

Such strength! Such moxie!

Victorious, the youngsters were allowed to thwack a viking ship until it relinquished its tasty cargo.

Even after the hull was split, Ivan wanted to make sure. Can’t have it coming back as a Ghost Ship, can we!

Court was held next to the water, with their Majesties and Highnesses, supported by their Excellencies Ben Dunfirth and Ramshaven.

Those cheeky Excellencies of mine called me into court, much to my surprise… it turned out that back in April, King Siegfried and Queen Xristinia, before deferring the thrones to their successors, had decided to bestow an award upon me. The award was read in court, and accepted on my behalf my by friend Lady Meredyth… who didn’t say a word. This means that for about six weeks, EVERYONE WHO HAD BEEN AT THE CORONATION had kept this a secret from me.

… complete with a reference to one of my favourite British comedies.

… and thus I was granted the ward of the Orion, and can now confuse old-school D&D players when they see a harp on my garb πŸ˜‰

The day was hot, but the shade was cool. The combat was awesome to watch, and being honoured in court at the end of the day, well, let’s just say I was duly chuffed. Wassail to all who made this awesome day a thing! I love my kingdom…

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    I sound weird.

  2. β€œPaint me like one of your French squires.”

    I think I nearly died on my morning coffee ! πŸ˜€

  3. Who was the scribe or scribes for your award scroll? It’s lovely.