Sea King

One of the more anticipated released of 2017 has to be the third stupidly enormous troll to join the Kriels in their never-ending quest for a place to call home, and a decent haggis. The Sea Kin’g’s concept render dropped on us awhile back, and after quite frankly a rather long wait – kinda needed to allow everyone to try to figure out how they’re going to transport such a magnificently looking model – we finally saw the Sea King hit shelves in May.

Of course, the best way to celebrate this fact, now that TheGreatGaspy has finished painting the model, is to open the blog post with a component pic that has the Sea King mooning the lens, and a lovely view of his barnacles…

I’m thoroughly impressed that PP was able to keep this monstrosity as a singular piece. No separate legs, all that detail just … right there. There’s so much to see on this model…

Each enormous forearm is wrapped in coral growths and polyps.

Of course, one interesting feature is how the Sea King’s enormous chain/anchor connect. Let’s have a look…

The underside of the fist has a shaped socket to receive the loose, flowing chain segments.

Ignoring the resin channel that needs to be popped off, the upper fist has a deep squared socket that allows for generous surface contact, allowing for a strong bond.

And from there your Sea King is swinging this enormous thing.

There are precious few metal components. The teeth and… um.. napkin? and the claws are almost all.

The other metal component is a length of spin that completes the Sea King’s bandolier. Also pictured, the ship’s figurehead (complete with bonus piece of  mold), and the sweet treasure chests that you won’t see ever again once you attach the head.

The ship comes in six components, if you include the figurehead from the last pic. Not content with super detail on the Sea King himself, his hat is draped inside and out with awesomeness.

Now, with ship’s deck mounted between the sides it’s a solid piece of nautical wreckage, though note that the socket for the mast is a little shallow. Make sure it’s well secured.

And then TheGreatGaspy painted a thing.

Crikey,  the anchir’s as big as the damn mast!

The Sea King surfed onto shelves in May. Did you hang ten and get yours with a goofy foot?