Spears and Magic Mechanics

I really wanted to do a Spear And Magic Helmet thing but they’re arcanists, not hats. Mike and the Mechanics might have worked if all you need is a miracle, but instead I’m stuck with the Spears of Scyrah and the House Shyeel Arcanists and a sub-par pop culture reference in the title. Ah well.

Let’s crack a couple of blisters…

The House Shyeel Arcanists fulfil a similar role to the Arcanist Mechanik, but they’re about 57% cooler by virtue of being part of House Shyeel. They’re not quite as good at repairing myrmidons, but they trade a little of the support functionality for a short range zot with crit knockdown. They’re also three great models.

“And what time die YOU come home?” is a two piece model, and stands with her foot on some spare parts.

“I’m pretending my multi-tool is a rifle!” is also a two piece model, who could also be trying for a “Whoa” Keanu effect.

“Swagger” is three parts and has no time for your bulldinkies, he’s got crap to do.

Now, the Spears of Scyrah… how long has the Retribution been waiting for a character unit? And what do they get? A trio of badass women, running at P+S 11 Weapon Masters with Blessed, Magic spears, with Stealth, DEF17 in melee, Reposition, all three have Shield GHuard, and hey, Vengeance, because more stabbing.

Damn, son.

While the models all have the same abilities, I’m thinking this one is Dysis, a Mage Hunter with a fierce reputation who has somehow actually become friends with Eiryss. She also comes in four parts; I’d consider pinning the spear arm, the contact point isn’t overly generous.

I’m declaring this one to be the keen-minded Nya. Her spear has contact points at her left shoulder and right wrist.

Finally, there’s the taciturn Lyona, who comes in three parts with both arms gluing on at the elbow.

Even if you’re not a lover of the Retribution, these six excellent models would make for great painting projects. Of course, if you do believe in taking out all the round-ears, then it’s time to bug your FLGS for your new toys…

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  1. Latest PP releases are being very very good, and these are the perfect example!!