Wicked Harvest: Cage Rager

It’s Wicked Harvest week! This week we’re working our way through the contents pf the Grymkin Core Army  box. Warlock, Warbeasts, Units and Solos.

We’re ending the week with one of my favorite models, visually. The Cage Rager is an enormous brute, such that I’d be tempted to see if I could convert him to pull the Vessel of Judgment.

Lumbering with a yoke across his shoulders, the Cage Rager is a versatile beastie in that he packs a pair of P+S17’s as he swings his gibbets, marking him as a bruiser, but he also upkeeps spells for the Defiers, marking him as suppport. Arcane Vortex doesn’t hurt either, nor does his potential to channel spells for his masters.

Top that with having a really sweet model, and well… he’s a winner.

The wicked harvest awaits.

The Cage Rager is a very well designed piece, easy to assemble and just plain brutal looking.

Six pieces make up the Cage Rager itself, each join masked by chains or cloth or armor.

Some minimal cleanup is needed, but all in all he’s a hunk. Love the doughnut on his belt.

His modesty is adequately protected by a weighted cloth. It’s so nice of the Defiers to be considerate.

You’ll need to pay attention with the gibbets, to make sure you put the right skeleton in each. You’ll note on the back of the cage, shown on the right above, the two arms are looped through the cage, keeping the body upright. Smiling jack  here’s shoulders should nestle right in there to line up nicely.

Hatty McPilgimHat here leans casually against the side of his cage instead, a leg dangling loosely. The hips bone’s connected to the leg bone, I hear the word of Menoth.


And there you have it folks, the contents of the Grymkin Core Army Box. Everything in plastic, and honestly, super easy to assemble. Only a couple of components in the entire thing I’d need to run under some hot water to straighten, not a lot of mold line issues, and all in a all a pretty schmexy bunch of model.

Are you preparing to reap?

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  1. Hi, Just wanna say thanks for the Grymkin reviews this week. Have been fun and I’m looking forward to getting a hold of some myself.

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      You’re very welcome! Don’t forget to send in pics of your painted Grymkin for Paint The Target once you’ve got some! I’d love to see them 🙂