Wicked Harvest: Gorehound and Skin & Moans

It’s Wicked Harvest week! This week we’re working our way through the contents pf the Grymkin Core Army  box. Warlock, Warbeasts, Units and Solos.

Today we look at two or their warbeasts, the Gorehound and the plurally named Skin & Moans.

The Warbeasts of the Grymkin are creatures of nightmare. While the Defiers and many others of the wicked harvest are purposed with pursuing the corrupt and vile and visiting bloody retribution upon them for their misdeeds, the warbeasts are more weapons to be directed by their masters.

They are the monsters under the bed, the boogeymen… though strictly speaking, it’d have to be a pretty huge bloody bed for a Skin & Moans to fit underneath it.

The wicked harvest has continues.

The Gorehound amuses me in that it’d bell’d. A soft chime follows its every movement as it creeps about, like a housecat you just *know* is going to shove the flowers off the sill, but really, all it wants is to disembowel you. I suppose that applies to some housecats too.

Leg joins are straightforward and hard to mess up given that one side has a huge shaped key and the other has nubbins.

D’aww, who’s a mindless killing machine but also a big softie? Nanny Ogg would name him Greebo…

Skin & Moans, on the other hand, is a leering, lascivious fleshrender who wants you to put the lotion on your skin so he can make himself a new jacket with your face.

Five components and ridiculously straightforward assembly. A little liquid green stuff will smooth over those shoulder connections.

With arms like that he’d be a champion at British Bulldog… clotheslining people for fun and profit!

Next: Witchwood and the Piggybacks.