Painting continues for GenCon as I continue to potter with a prospective Company of Iron list. Six of the Idrian grunts are now done, and the Purifier is underway. This army is an interesting experiment for me. On the one hand I love high contrast schemes, because my old man eyes love to see the definition, the bright colours. At the same time I love working with a limited palate, so limiting myself a set of yellows, off-whites and light browns is fun in and of itself. Of course, Dragon Forge bases make everything look nicer, so that helps.

So that’s six Idrian grunts done, and maybe one more evening for the Purifier.

Still to go:

Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
Idrian Chieftain
Idrian Guide
Idrian Leader
and three more  Idrian grunts just to round out the unit painting-wise, though i don’t need them for the list I’m hoping to play at GenCon, should Company of Iron be pre-released.

And of course, my magpie gamer mind is being distracted by thoughts of 40K, Malifaux and VS System…

3 Responses to #AmPainting

  1. Are there any rule previews or anything for this yet? This seems very much in my skirmish game wheelhouse and I’d also like to start on a company but I don’t know much about it…

  2. What was your recipe for the yellow? I am not great at dulled colors and these idrians look great.

    • Avatar gdaybloke
      gdaybloke says:

      It’s largely P3 Sulfuric Yellow or Moldy Ochre, highlighted a little and then washed with either Agrax Earthshade or Seraphim Sepia. I freely admit I was taking whatever shortcuts I could find with these guys