Like a behemoth sneaking through the dew-kissed topiaries of Buckingham Palace, you knew this was coming… Ladies and Gentlelost, it’s time to announce the 2018 CaptainCon Fundraiser! As long-term Losties know, every year at CaptainCon, our home convention in Rhode Island, we work with the New England Privateers to put together a fundraiser, proving that all us geeks can do amazing things when we come together… and, of course, we’ll be dispensing all the thingsas prizes.

Last year we raised $4086 dollars in support of the Jimmy Fund. Let’s see if we can beat that, shall we?

For those who aren’t familiar, the Jimmy Fund solely supports the work of Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, raising funds for  cancer care and research. Specifically, this year we’re raising for the Colon and Rectal cancer center. Many of us have been impacted by cancer. Right now I’m sitting here in Canuckistan while family members back in the homeland are dealing cancer. Too many of us have lost family members, or had to watch loved ones suffer through the brutal effects of treatment. I’m bald by choice, not everyone is. Whatever we can do to help those suffering is a worthwhile endeavor.

• So where do you come in?

As per tradition, we’ll be holding a fundraising draw at CaptainCon. If you’re coming to the convention – February 2-4 2017 in Warwick, Rhode Island – then please consider bringing some funds with which to purchase tickets to win things.

• Tickets, you say?

Yup. $2 will get you a ticket, $5 will get you three, $20 will get you an arm’s length. I don’t care whose arm. Find someone suitably lanky, we’ll do it up. The point is to raise funds for charity here – if it encourages you to donate, I’m game.

Tickets will be sold all through Friday and Saturday, and then Saturday night we’ll start drawing numbers. If your number is drawn, you’ll get to pick a thing from the prize table!

• A thing? What sort of thing?

Here’s where you can contribute a little more, should your heart be open. No, not so we can ram Everblight’s athanc into it, that’s just… no. The prizes on the prize table will be from the Lost Hemisphere Prize Pool, from our Sponsors, and from anyone we can cajole into making a donation.

You can donate too, if you like. I heard the NJ SOBs are donating an entire painted army…. we’ll talk more about that in a future post, but don’t you want to be as cool as the NJ SOBs? I know you do… If you have some nicely painted models collecting dust that you’d like to donate the cause, I’d like to hear from you. If you have some new-in-box models collecting dust, I’d like to hear from you. If you have some sort of neat swag that you think would look awesome on the prize table, ogled by everyone at CaptainCon and shown off in the photodumps, I’d like to hear from you.

This is a chance to do something amazing as a community. It’s a chance to make a difference. Having run these for several years now I can tell you it’s a hell of a thing to be standing there in front of a crowd of hundreds of gamers, drawing numbers, having them select their prizes, and after the dust has settled, being able to tell the assembled masses just how much we’ve raised thanks not only to the generosity of those who’ve opened their wallets, but also to those who’ve helped provide the prize pool.

• So what do you do?

If you’d like to pitch in, you send me an email at gdaybloke@losthemisphere.com with something like “Fundraiser contribution” in the title, and you tell me what you’d like to donate. From there we’ll work out how to get it to CaptainCon, to make this thing happen.

This thing can’t happen without you.

I look forward to hearing from you.