Elias Gade and Craelix

Staving off Cygnar reviews just a little longer (is my Menite bias showing?), today we take a look at October’s two non-Cygnar blister releases – Craelix, Fang of Everblight, and Exemplar Warder Elias Gade. Both excel at laying low their foes at a distance, though of course only one of them does it under the blessing of the True Law. The other is an unholy abomination spawned from the wretched fever dreams of a disembodied demigod. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

Like any good Exemplar, Elias Gade comes with plenty of component, but at least his head is conveniently already attached to his body. Both Crossbows assemble easily, with significant contact points, and the pauldrons fit neatly with no difficulty adjacent the helmet’s crest. Having assembled many Exemplar shoulders in the past, this was a very pleasant experience.

Lord Pew-Pew here packs two magic, blessed Heavy Crossbows, he’s a weapon master with their bayonets, he has both Assault and Advance Deploy, he teaches other Errants how to find their way through Rough Terrain, True Sight means you can’t hide from him, and Prey makes him effectively MAT/RAT 9 at against his preferred targets… Pew-Pew indeed.

Not to be outdone, Craelix comes in six pieces, but again, the contact points for assembly work very nicely and without conflicting. Each arm is socketed, so you can get away without pinning if you wish.

Like Elias, Craelix also scoffs at rough terrain, but despite his two swords he really is all about the bow. Inspiring Nyss Archers, Craelix fires high and can drop a variety of arrows on his targets, not the least of which is poisoned arrows…

I think if any two models were meant to be reviewed together, based on posing alone, it’s these two 😉

Both are October releases,and are available through your FLGS and/or preferred online retailer. Whether your faith is in Menoth or Everblight, it’s time to deliver death from a distance.