Trencher Long Gunners

Continuing with the Cygnaran heresy, today we take a bo peep at possible the most maligned unit in all of Cygnar, the Long Gunners. In the last these guys have received less love than Mk II Exemplar Cinerators and Black Ogrun Boarding Parties. Is it because they’re not the poster boys for the Cygnaran draft like the Trenchers are? Perhaps if we just gave them all some smoke grenades? Maybe it’s just because the older sculpts were, well, rather old in the grand scheme of Warmachine history. Whatever the reason, with new sculpts and a new UA., the Long Gunners are stepping up their game as the Trenchers get more love.

Okay, whoever packed this thing was a very organised individual. Everything neat and in its place! Let’s dump it out…

A pile of rifles, enough shoulderpads to choke a Dracodile, and four resin sprues – three of the grunt sprue. with three different sculpts, and one with the unit leader and the Officer.

The detail on the sculpts is beautiful. If only these fine lads would eschew Morrowan lies and return to Menoth…

Backpacks need all the buckles. This is a scientific fact.

The same can be said for the unit leader and the officer. Both models are nicely distinct from the unit grunts.

For the curious, the unit leader has the spyglass, and the Commander has the metal head. He’s a metalhead. In Cygnar. What would the scions think?!?

Mathing the rifles to the bodies isn’t easy. Well, the middle guy is, but the guys on the ends have very similar long guns. Test fit all the things before taking the cap off your glue.

While the Long Gunners may not get the same trench knives as their Trencher Infantry compatriots, they do get a little stabby toy strapped to their right shoulders, for ease of access and to really screw with any left handers that would normally sight along their right arms 😉

The Trencher Long Gunners will be joining the Lost Hemisphere prize pool as we stock up for CaptainCon… but if you can’t wait that long, hit up your FLGS or preferred online retailer.


Filthy Morrowans…