CaptainCon 2018 Fundraiser Update

You know one of the best things about running the CaptainCon Fundraiser? Seeing sponsors and community members come together. I’m not talking about having so many people be so generous with their wallets when it comes to buying tickets for the draw. (though that is, of course, the dang point – we’re raising for charity after all) but it brings a tear to the eye when someone says “Hey, I’ve got a donation for the prize table. Let’s make this awesome.”

Now, I’m super keen to show you what the NJSOB’s are up to once they’ve finished their labors, I’ve mentioned that they’re up to something in the past, but I got a surprise ping from Brian Fox the other day, and he was all “Hey, here’s a thing.”

“Well, hello d’ere”

“L’eggo my Eggo!”

“Drum solo!”

“Um… yeah… they’s all yellin’ n’ stuff, we’s just here for the lunch buffet.”


Xerxis, Tiberion and a Mammoth are hitting the prize table! Along with a pair of Swamp Gobbers, because why not. One lucky winner at CaptainCon will take these home with them. Unfortunately for me, despite my owning studio-scheme Skorne, as the guy coordinating the draw and all that I’m not allowed to win anything. I’ll take my satisfaction from knowing that whoever does win, contributed to our charity fundraising efforts, and that someone else, somewhere, is going to get shot in the face by a brace of four cannons mounted on the back of an enormous bipedal pachyderm.

Stay turned for more updates, and we hope to see you at CaptainCon!