Judicator/Revelator unboxing

I am fueled by tea and Tim Tams, a seething hatred of filthy Morrowans and a righteous desire to purge the heretics in the name of the Lawgiver! Long have we waited, fellow Menites, for the Judicator/Revelator Colossal Kit! Oh, how the interwebs have been laden with our cries to Menoth, as we yearned to set the battlefield ablaze with Menoth’s Fury as we unleashed purifying flame through the trenches of our foes. Let the heathens tremble, for we march to war!!! (or we will, when I get the darn thing assembled and painted…)

Today, my fellow Faithful,we unbox glory…

In all my days I don’t know that I have ever seen a model product packed so tightly to the box dimensions. There is NO WAY IN HELL, I say to myself, that I am getting these sprues back in the box properly after I take pics of the sprues.


Okay, let’s go over the sprues. Behold yon armour for upper legs and hip actuators

Behold, yon armour for shoulder joints, collar and chest.

Behold, yon inner arms and legs, and three – THREE! hand bits.

Behold, yon companionp sprue to the previous, including the fourth hand bit and companion thumb.

Lower legs! Torsos! Upper arms! 1000 Elephants! (disclaimer: May not contain 1000 elephants)

Two sprues, once rent asunder to fit in the damn box, now joined once more… forearm shielding and so many pipes that Gandalf would be in awe.

The Revelator’s unique sprue has its conflagrators, lightbringers, and headnoggingatrix. Okay, it’s the head, but it felt like it needed more syllables to match up with the conflagrators and lightbringers.

And for the Judicator, it’s rocket pods for days. Mainly days ending in “y”. If you find yourself needing to use a Judicator on a day that doesn’t end in “y” then I suggest consulting the True Law before proceeding. You don’t want to accidentally commit heresy.

No, I haven’t got is all assembled and painted yet.

No, I don’t know when it’ll be done.

But you can get yours at your FLGS or preferred online retailer, and beat me to it if you hurry!

2 Responses to Judicator/Revelator unboxing

  1. I think in that last section you meant the Judicator parts for use on days not ending in a y…

    Otherwise good write up!