Palamanders: Let’s say a li’l prayer

Back in the predawn history of the Lost Hemisphere, back when it was just the run of the mill hemisphere, before it went and got itself all lost and stuff,  the only miniature game in town of any real appeal to a nascent gamer bloke in his late teens was Games Workshop’s Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 – heck, it was Rogue Trader when it first caught my attention. I played all the games, had all the things, but it all went toodles when I left the Southern hemisphere and hopped a plane to Canada. I went without miniature gaming for a long time, until I discovered Warmachine at a nearby FLGS, in the last year of Mk1. Since then Warmachine has been my home game, though I have periodically dabbled in Malifaux, Relic Knights and a few other miniature games. As much as I acknowledged the spiffiness of their plastic kits, GW didn’t regain my interest for many years. I had a much better balanced game to play, that didn’t require me to paint enormous 30+ model units, and I could get a starter box for *way* cheaper, to get started into the hobby.

Roll it forward to 2017 and Blood Bowl’s back, Necromunda’s back, with the death of my FLGS I find myself nattering with a local gaming group who are keen on Age of Sigmar, and then GW drops the new edition of 40K with its Primaris Marines, and I’m like, okay, I can dabble with a thing…

… and Iook at the Marines, and it occurs that I’d like to do an alternate colour scheme Salamanders chapter. Cos, ya know, I can’t just be traditional and follow a studio scheme. I wasn’t sure of the scheme yet, but I was pretty set on Salamanders, even before we had their rules, because they like setting things on fire. You can take the Menite out of Immoren, but…

After pinging my pals it turned out that mine weren’t the only eyes that had been caught by Primaris Marines. Several of the original Titans were looking at doing the thing to, and oddly enough, they had all *independently and without consultation* determined that they wanted to do Salamanders too! Well, this was just amazing! So many friends with Salamanders. Pals with Salamanders.


So after many months, I’ve finally finished my first Palamander, the Primaris Chaplain. I decided that the armour would use P3 Hammerfall Khaki as the main colour, which of course isn’t evident on a Chaplain who wears black armour, but it’s there on his left shoulder. In experimenting on a dreadnought sarcophagus I found I liked red an accent colour, and a few bits of green works for lizard bits and a tertiary colour.

The lighter colour on the book I think might have been better as a matching red to the belt pouches. I’m pretty happy with the overall result though, and it’s always nice to complete another model.

I’ve often advocated mixing up product on the painting table – a change of pace, of palate, can be an incredibly refreshing experience – and painting up this morbid fellow was a change of pace from my usual change of pace (Chibis). All in all, a fun experience, and a nice Dragon Forge Design resin base in the mix.

There’ll be more Palamanders in the future. I’m in no hurry to get them all done, but I *do* have quite a few models collected at this point, and that dreadnought to finish…