Hobby Streak: Sepulchral Guard edition

Well, Ladies and Gentlelost, thanks to the Hobby Streak concept I’ve actually finished a painting project, to the astonishment of no-one more than myself, I assure you. Granted, it was a small project – the Sepulchral Guard for the Warhammer Shadespire boardgame – but they’re all done. Paint on all the things. I’ve only played the game a couple of times, and only with the models from the core box, but after looking at the available expansions it occurred to me just how long it’s been since I’ve actually painted undead models, and damn if these guys aren’t some very dynamic sculpts. Accordingly…


I didn’t go into this project with a pre-determined colour scheme, and while I painted the bones of the entire squad before moving on to any cloth and armour, once all the exposed bone was painted to pretty much match, I was painting each model individually. I was three and a half models into it before I realized I was inadvertently giving each model a colour of the rainbow… so it only made sense to complete the spectrum. Skittleletons? Skeletittles?

Red: The Harvester. I has “Masque of the Red Death” in my head, so even though the Harvester only has his shroud and manacles, I wanted him to pop a little. Brightish red does the job.

Orange: The Sepulchral Warden. Last of the seven models to be completed, you’d think he’d have an armour rating higher than the rest of the crew based on his gear, but nope, he still takes a beating. That said, he’s pivotal to the way the warband works, and is the hardest hitter of the bunch.

Yellow: A Petitioner. One of three grunts, this guy was a little late to the party and is still clambering out of the ground.

Green: Petitioner number two. This model made me happy because of his caved in skull. Look at undead armies from a multitude of games, and every skeleton is, for lack of a better term, intact. These are often depicted as warriors who died on the battlefield and have returned to plague the living… with not a single broken arm, shattered rib, even a missing jawbone. There are exceptions, of course, but this fellow lost his first live to some sort of cranial trauma. Details!

Blue: The third Petitioner. Okay, so he’s not actually wearing blue cloth, making him the odd man out in the Skeletal spectrum, but I was really happy with the blue on his shield. Deal with it.

Indigo: The Champion. Oh, feel sorry for this guy… he was raised because of his reputation for defeating dozens of challengers – renowned prowess and all that – but what the necromancer didn’t realize is that while he was a Champion, it was at tiddlywinks.

And finally, Violet: Well, a more purply colour than our Indigo Champion. The Prince of Dust was the second member of the crew to be finished. He won’t do a lot of damage, but that mace of his knocks opponents around and away from things like objectives…

The last coat of black on the base rims saw out #HobbyStreakDay15, and the Sepulchral Guard are completed. Yes, it took me that long to paint a bunch of skeletons, don’t judge, you don’t know me! Pfft. 😛 With the demands on my time that come with the Christmas season we’ll see how much longer the streak can continue. I wonder what’s next…

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  1. Skeletittles! Nice work.