Champion of the Order of the Wall

The Twelve Factions of Christmas were kind to us all. When the project was first announced there was much ooh-ing and aah-ing with players getting all excited as we found out about the Valkyries,. Agrimony, Jalaam and more. While I would have completely plotzed if they’d announced a new model from the Order of the Fist,  if you can’t give me a kicky monk then a Paladin is a very acceptable alternative! The Protectorate’s second dragoon, the Champions are riding out to protect the innocent and kick the butts of  the enemies of the faith.

A beautiful vision in resin and metal, the kit comes with thirteen components, covering both the mounted and dismounted versions. My copy only came with one shield, but it’s the same component for both versions of the Champion, so we can still show you all the goodness.

Three components make your might steed. Advances in casting make assembly a breeze compared to the cavalry of yesteryear. The more the kits get updated, the happier I am.

Tail plugged in and forelegs secured, it’s a gorgeous pony.

Our mounted knight has a resin torso, metal arms (one lance, one shield – not pictured) and a split lower torso that makes me wince.

Note that the way the legs fit against the side of the saddle, you cannot join the hips and then sit them over the horse. Rather, assemble them all together directly over the saddle.

The back of the sheathed sword is shaped to fit directly against the armour panels of the rear barding. It’ll slot nicely into place against the flank.

The torso secures on top of a generous plug at the midriff, positioned nicely to ensure the shield and lance arms will sit without interfering with other components.

Normally I’d be worried about the lack of a second contact point for the lance, but the shoulder’s connect point is large and shaped for a great connection.

The shield also connects strongly, slotted into the forearm.

Our dismounted Champion – Helloooo Company of Iron – is four components, with the single resin body component taking up most of the model. Sword arm, loin drape and shield – same component at the mounted Champion – give us a dynamic and heroic paladin. Vilmon’s got a new friend…

The Champion of the Order of the Wall has ridden out to FLGS’s and online retailers. Don’t you want to defend the innocent?