Eminent Configurator Orion

Who doesn’t love those kooky clockwork chaps from the Convergence of Cyriss?  They’re obsessed with creating the perfect world for their goddess to manifest, and they’re doing it all with math. There’s something just magical about that. No. Not magical… MATHEMAGICAL! Yeah, that’s the stuff. While they’re not one of the core factions, it’s exciting to see them get new toys, especially one as funky as Eminent Configurator Orion. 

A hovering cylinder bot with four arms and some sort of planetarium on his collar? I’m in! Ten pieces make up his orbital floatiness.

The waist connects with a shaped socket to help you keep things aligned,and the collar rests flush with the shoulders. The model uses a standard Privateer flight stand, socketed into the lower portion. Try to glue it straight up-and-down. Alignment’s a thing with this guy.

The head nestles in just fine, and the two training ornamental… tabards, I guess? connect beneath the shoulders. These were a little irksome to line up given the contact points are smaller than you’d think, but they were nowhere near the headache the arm were 😉

Here he is fully assembled and looking, frankly, super sweet. As annoying as the arms were to secure, the final product makes it all better. Each arm has a very small shaped socket that theoretically will help you align the arms – slightly shorter two on top, slightly longer two beneath – but in the end I had to pretty much just eyeball the aligment and try to hold them in position while the glue set. This is one model I really would have liked to have an armature for to hold pieces together. But as I say, he looks amazing, one of my favourite sculpts of 2017 visually.

I’m sure he’ll make a handsome addition to someone’s army once he follows them home from CaptainCon’s fundraiser 🙂