House Vyre: The Siren

Can you hear the drums, Fernando? No? Well, can you hear that high-pitched keening sound? Does it speak to your soul, calling you to your doom? Or maybe it’s just going to shoot you and then make you turn around and stab your friend before you yourself die. House Vyre, clearly taking some “How to be an utter bastard” notes from Gyrrshyld  now that he’s all forgiven and stuff, and the new Siren light warjack channels that into causing the victims of its Force Shock cannon to lash out at their former allies before collapsing.

Ten! Ten pieces in your Siren! Ah-ah-ah! (*ahem*)

The sleek upper torso with a single trailing fin makes me think someone was peeking at Moros’ blueprints when they were designing the Siren. Sorry, House Shyeel designers, but House Vyre just makes a cooler warjack here.

The legs have elipse-shaped pegs to connect directly to the waist. They’re not super-snug, so you have some wiggle room, but they should still guide you to an aligned footing.

As with the Shyeel lights, the shoulders and elbows are both ball sockets, with full mobility for positioning. The House Vyre designers also reversed the forearm blades so they could be used for stabbing where the House Shyeel warjacks slash, and as with the Vyre heavies, one arm has a heavier weapon, while the other – which will have the projectile weapon mount – has a smaller weapon.

Speaking of the projectile weapon, the shoulderpads sit nicely on the ball shoulders, and the right shoulder has the bonus pew-pew

There’s a familiar little divot for the head to sit in, though you’ll find the head pretty much can only face on direction. the point on the back of the head sits in the recess behind it, but the two horns prevent more than a bare minimum of pivoting.

Thanks to those hip ellipses, the model is quite stable before putting the arms on…

… and can happily stand without a base provided you haven’t gone uber dramatic with arm posing. All in all she’s a sweet little stabby bit of nastiness that will slot nicely into a Retribution army for Warmachine, or a smaller contingent for Company of Iron.