Pyg Lookouts

Hot on the heels of Monday’s light warbeasts, the Pyg Lookouts have also joined the Northkin tribes. Judge them not by their size, for each carries a firearm, advance deploys, has pathfinder, can prowl, can ambush, oh and let’s add Mark The Target to make things even easier for the rest of your horde to totally beat the snot out of things.  Thankfully, they also have immunity to Cold – I mean, just look at that poor fellow in the middle at the back there. He’d totally freeze his everything off hiding in a snowman!

Each model in the kit is home-cast resin. I’m loving this trend with Trollblood models, with it making transporting entire armies much less likely to cause a hernia. There’s one lone bit of metal in there though, for old time’s sake 😉

Four of your Lookouts are these two guys. Joys of sprue layouts, but damn if it doesn’t look like that one guy suspects the other of having a purloined turnip or somesuch on the back of his belt. Or, ya know, trying to figure out who farted.

Growing up in the frozen North of Immoren, I don’t imagine it’s easy for Pygs to find carrots. Thankfully, from a distance, telescopes function as a reasonable replacement for Snowmannoses. I’m not sure if the hat would hasten or forestall melting…

And the sole metal component, appropriately enough, is the unit leader’s pig-sticker. Personally I’m more enamored of that cheesy little angry grin he’s got going on. As snarling expressions on diminutive variants on fictional noseless humanoid species go, it may be my favourite!

The Pyg Lookouts are in stores right now – both your FLGS and your preferred online retailer. They’re worth it for the snoman alone!

3 Responses to Pyg Lookouts

  1. Avatar dbrown_astro
    dbrown_astro says:

    That snowman-pyg is just amazing

  2. The sculpts look amazing. If only I had any ranged fighters in my Troll army to take advantage of their buffs!