We Three Trolls: Ice, Winter and Basher

The Trollbloods will always hold a special place in my geek heart. They were my first Hordes faction, and they continue to have some of the most fun and characterful models in all of Warmachine and Hordes. Today we take a look at the three new Light Warbeasts released this month – the Ice Troll, the Winter Troll, and the Troll Basher, because calling it the Basher Troll would have kept with the naming convention, and dammit, you’re not the boss of me, I don’t  have to clean my room if I don’t want to.

Each of the three shares a common body, draped in furs and cast in resin. Given that each of the three has actual hair, while their more Southern counterparts have quills and rocky growths, I’m wondering about the cultural variance between the Northkin tribes and those of, say, the Gnarls, such that the full-blood trolls from the warmer climes feel that they need to shave.

The Ice Troll brings single target attacks with Crit Freeze to the Northkin tribes, and is the most complicated of the three to assemble. Given that it still comes in only four pieces, and assembly is a breeze especially with the entire body being a single piece of resin, that should tell you how friendly these kits are to novice hobbyists.

With the ability to grant Swift Hunter as an animus, the Ice Troll may be a real boon for the ranged Warlocks of the Trollbloods. Could this be what Gunnbjorn’s been waiting for all along? Something to make him even cooler? (Hah! Ice pun…)

The Winter Troll was long pegged as the metaphorical red-headed stepchild of the Trollbloods light warbeast stable, though I always found that sprays were a great thing.  He doesn’t hit as hard as the Ice Troll – 12’s as opposed to 13’s – but two open fists means more power attacks (not to mention two melee attacks as opposed to one), but when it comes to clearing light infantry  know which I’d prefer.

I will miss the “Alas, poor Yorrick” pose of the old Winter Troll, but I can see how this one will be easier to cart around in your preferred transport solution. Shameless plug, there’ll be KR Multicases on the prize table at CaptainCon…

And some days you just want a nice, simple tool to smash helmets with.  Tied with the Night Troll as the cheapest warbeast option for the faction, the Basher swings a single P+S14 melee attack. The real value of the Basher comes from adding the Chiller effect through its animus, debuffing the DEF of enemy models within 2″ of the caster. As someone who likes to play otherwise squishy models that rely on high DEF values, this makes me a little sad…

While assembly is very straightforward on all three models, do make sure you test fit.  The sockets make for generous connections, though you may need to clean out the socket or the left arm at the shoulder. The Basher had the remnants of a resin feed channel that needed to be carved out before I could pop the arm in.

Each of the three new trolls is a great model that is easy to put together and looks like a lot of fun to paint, and of course, they work for both Hordes and Company of Iron. Whether you’re embracing the Northkin or your interest lies with other Trollblood groups, each of these could be a great addition to your warbeast arsenal.

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  1. I’m finding the mixture of metal components on these new hybrid models add just a little bit of heft to the mini which I like. With pure plastic, I always missed the satisfying weighty plonk of slapping down a metal model on the tabletop.