Barnabus, Lord of Blood

There was a time when I didn’t own any Blindwater models. Then there was a Dracodile in my house. It wasn’t long after that, that I found myself looking at this fellow and pondering if the universe wasn’t pointing me at reptilian necromancy with zombie fish people and ritual sacrifice and the endless debate of alligator versus crocodile. Oh, and let’s have one of them be a demigod. That doesn’t fly in the face of my inherent Menite tendencies at all…

does it?

Barnabas, Lord of Blood, is a hybrid metal/resin kit, with resin components making up the base, the bulk of the body, and his back frame.

Barnabas comes with three Bone Shakers, which he can bring into play to use as sacrificial pawns to protect himself from enemy fire. Oh, and they have Dark Shroud too.

A single resin cast provides Barnabas’ body sans his arms, tail and jaws. I will note, be careful when trimming resin plugs of thin areas such as the upper hood. The exposed heart , rife with necromantic energy, is pretty bloody sweet.

The two part maw is easily assembled,  with the lower jaw popping in underneath the upper once it was glued in place. You could just as easily do the lower jaw first.

Each arm has a simple nodule to line it up with the elbow. Note that each arm can also easily be angled so that the lower haft of the axe and staff both butt up against Barnabas’ legs, giving a second contact point for a more secure connection.

Shh. The tail plugs in under there. It’s like a secret.

The back frame lines up between the ropes, but once again there’s a round node to make sure.

The tide of bones that Barnabas rides curls around on itself, making it irksome to photograph 😉

RAAARGLEBARGLE! Such a happy chap… you know, as far as bipedal reptile men with delusions of grandeur go. Is this the start of something green and toothy in the Lost Hemisphere? We’ll see…


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  1. One of us, one of us. 😀

    Mine have come out of storage for use in a local Dragon Rampant campaign, and I seem to be spending my evenings staring at pictures of frogs…