Blindwater Congregation Army Box

Lizards and fish! Fish and lizards! I’m surrounded by scales and bumpy reptilian skin! The Dracodile stares at me, jaws agape. Barnabus, Lord of Blood, stares at me, jaws agape. A significant portion of the Blindwater Congregation Army Box stars at me, jaws agape. Has Privateer released a canon recipe for painting reptile tongues? There may be some in my future…

It’s a snug fit in there with all the things… Rask, a Wrastler kit, a Bull Snapper, a Boneswarm, a Bone Shrine, a Gatorman Soul Slave, Kwaak Slickspine and Gub, a Gatorman Posse, a unit of Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers, and their Void Leech attachments…

We’ve looked a these kits in the past (for example – Link!) but with the Wrastler coming in a kit you have the option of building a Blind Walker instead…

New to the Hemisphere are the Bone Shrine, Soul Slave, Kwaak Slickspine and the Void Leeches.

As a long time Menite, I’m familiar with the joys of immobile scenery pieces that generate juice for your boss. Similar to the Wracks, the Bone Shrine deploys ahead of your army, and generates Fury (as opposed to the Wrack’s Focus) every turn for your Warlcok to siphon, with the risk of a little backlash. It was be used with all four core Hordes factions – Trolls, Skorne, Circle and Legion – but if you’re playing it in a Minions army you can also use it as a channeling point. Worth exploring with the Farrow as well?

The Gatorman Soul Slave – because Blindwater is nothing if not effective at weaponizing corpses – attaches to your warlock, helps pay for upkeeps, and also can cast Bone Shaker or a spell from your warlock’s list with a cost of 3 or less.

He’s also just about the happiest zombie reptile I’ve ever seen.

As conjoined twins go, Kwaak Slickspine and Gub probably have the biggest chins to scale. When you’re opening the blisted be mindful of Gub’s little hand (shown in the third panel, sticking out from the center of the belly). Small, suction-cup-tipped gloves are easy to lose track of. … … … Not a sentence I expected to be typing this morning.

Finally, the Void Leech. Much like the Iosan Soulless Escort, the Void Leech attaches to a unit and provides an aura of mage static to hamper offensive spellcasters, and can remove enemy upkeeps and animi. For 1 pt, it’s something I’d consider adding to almost every unit in the Congregation.

For those tempted by zombie gators and more, the Blindwater Congregation Army Box is one heck of a launch point, providing everything you need to use up every bottle of green paint you have in your house. Hit up your FLGS or preferred online retailer accordingly.


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  1. Leapin’ lizards! That is a WHOLE lot of reptiles and amphibians.