Bloody Bradigan Pitt & a new Hexeris

Good morning, Thrillseekers! It’s Monday, most all y’all are back to work, but I’m running around doing things, so you get a quick post today, a little taste, a tidbit… and that’s in no small part due to the fact that the MiniCrate model I received last week is a single piece model, which doesn’t lend itself to a hugely long blog post. So you get Bloody Bradigan Pitt and the new sculpt for Lord Tyrant Hexeris!

Bloody Bradigan is a model that, I’ll admit, I haven’t seen on a table in a long time, though I think part of that may be just down to how proportionately few pirate players there are out there. With some new red pants, a fur coat and a bar of soap, I’ll confess that this model may have snuck its way up the painting schedule a few notches. Of course the first rule of painting schedule is, we don’t talk about painting schedule… or Bloody Bradigan Pitt here is going to wash our mouths out with that soap.

Lord Tyrant Hexeris bears the honour of being one of the very first Skorne warlocks in the game, along with Morghoul and Makeda. The towering neuromancer plays pain like a fine instrument, bleeding the souls from his victims with a surgeon’s precision. He also has a dirty great dual-bladed polearm. Hexeris came in five pieces, but you’ll note that unfortunately the arch across shoulders – his totem rack,whatever you want to call it – was broken. Thankfully,it’s a very simple fix.

Ta-daa! Lord Tyrant Hexeris! Of course, his model *is* still covered in Skornate filigree and armour trim, so you’ve still got a painting chore ahead of you, but damn, it all looks great once it’s done.

While you won’t be able to buy Bloody Bradigan Pitt unless you can find someone with a MiniCrate subscription who’s feeling generous, Hexeris is a February release and you can find him at your FLGS or preferred online retailer.