Gatorman Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron

I’m torn with regard to today’s model. Don’t misunderstand me, I think it looks great, but I’m torn between thinking the Boil Master is caught up in his summoning ritual, yelling in exhilaration that  it actually worked, or he’s welcoming an old friend for a hug.  That last one will make more sense in a minute. One way or another the Boil Master and Spirit Cauldron continues the pattern of super sweet models joining the Blindwater Congregation this month.

The Boil Master comes with two pieces, though the keen eyed among you will note that the blade of his cleaver has broken off. That’ll be a quit glue fix, no worries, but it does lead into the hugging comment earlier. The Spirit Cauldron is an amazing looking component, and has little skull handles and rings to go around the perimeter of the cauldron itself.

See? Look at how happy he is to see you, once you take the cleaver away! He just wants to hug!

Okay, fine, cleaver is glued back on, and the tail is in place. But you still can’t unsee the hugging, can you.  Can you.

Now, look at this soulflame-wreathed piece of cookware. Just, damn. What an amazing piece. I can totally see this being a centerpiece in RPG campaigns.

Lo, behold its gloriousness. Dammit, Privateer, you keep making me change my favourite random things.

The Boil Master and Spirit Cauldron could be haunting  your opponents this month, if you hit up your FLGS or preferred online retailer…