Continuing on our reptilian adventures, today we get Longchops, who is in no waya Crodocile Dundee analogue. He’s a gator, not a croc. There’s a difference. Now, Alligator McDougal from Florida, maybe… Longchops was introduced to the Iron Kingdoms through the Unleashed RPG, where he was one of the starter characters in the adventure kit. Someone thought “Hey, let’s take the most physically imposing race in the team, the guy with the nastiest natural weaponry and most tanky resilience, and make  him the ranged attack specialist!”. I was amused.

Longchops comes in four components, but don’t be misled – assembly isn’t 100% foolproof.

I was particularly impressed with this sculpt. Cleanup is minimal, detail is sweet, and the only resin plug on piece that could be seen is the squared one on the end of the tail there,which faces down when he’s on his base, so isn’t visible anyway.

Lookit those teeth! If you look back into his throat he even has a sculpted uvula. Details, people!

His hat is even moulded underneath to match the scale and ridge pattern on his head.

Now, here’s the wonky part. Every now and then a model pops up where we have a weapon held in two hands, and one of the arms is its own piece, with a wrist and shoulder join (or wrist and elbow in some cases). These are always a sod because you need to line everything up so it connects properly, before the glue sets, and without keyed sockets it can be difficult to hold everything in place. In this case I had to use the ole’ hot water trick to bend the rifle half a millimeter to make the parts meet. Given that it just meant that the barrel was now lined up with the stock, it means the original sculpt was spot on, we just need to be mindful of slight warping in transit.

All lined up, complete with bird on shoulder. The joins for the left arm are masked by ropes, so no awkward join lines through musculature or anything.

And his hat! Bam!

Man, I’m proud of myself, I got through the entire thing without referring to the knife on his belt not being a knife… wait… I’m still typing… CRUD!

Longchops is a February release for Hordes, and while he’s a perfect fit for Blindwater lists, he’ll also play for Circle, Legion, Skorne and Trollbloods. Add his niftiness, and collection of mantraps, to your collection via your FLGS or preferred online retailer.

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  1. Not like there won’t be a few of us saying “Crikey!” every time Longchops activates on the table…