The Deathjack

Something something DEATHJACK something something CLAWS AND DEATH something something SKULLS OF HATE something something THE END OF ALL THAT IS something something WAILING AND GNASHING OF TEETH something something COMES FOR YOUR SOULS something something DEATHJACK something DEATHJACK DEATHJACK DEATHJACK. (Man, it’s a miracle I’ve never been offered a paid writing gig…)

The Deathjack comes in OMG ALL THE PIECES. You’ll notice a few back spines sitting on the base there; sadly, they snapped off the carapace in transit, but repairs will be quick and simple, or perhaps the gaps along the spine appeal. Artist’s choice. This one’s going into the prize pool (did you get an entry in for this month’s Paint The Target?), but let’s take a look at how it all goes together.

The torso is a lovely piece of resin, even with the missing spines. Of note here are the sockets for the legs, and the lines in the shoulder sockets that will assist in aligning the pieces. The curved  hoses connect… um… two parts sections of the same carapace plate.

The head and neck are separate components, which provide the stretched leering visage we all know and scream at.

Each of the shoulders has a pair of pipes which will align with the sockets on the carapace…

… like so. This makes for a very secure and stable shoulder, with no risk of torsion. Maybe I just wanted to use the word torsion somewhere in the post. You don’t know. I’m not telling.

The arms connect into the shoulders by means of conical plugs, making for frankly excellent connections, while still allowing for full rotation.

Meanwhile the rib cages flank the portal through which the Deathjack harvests souls, and each fist has three sockets on the back of the hand for metal spikes.

The legs are metal, lowering the center of gravity of the model a little, and each plugs into a circular socket with a semicircular keye to align the feet so they’ll stand flat.

Like so.

Finally, your furnace exhausts. Two big, two small, neither much use in a kitchen pasta sauce emergency kinda situation. Now, venting smoke from your necrotic engine as you convert the souls of your victims into energy to power your skull-and-chain-adorned chassis, well, that’s a different kettle of bog trogs altogether…

The resculpted Deathjack – the last of the Apotheosis character warjacks to be resculpted -hit the shelves this month. You can get yours from your FLGS or online retailer of choice.